An Old-School Sexologist Speaks Out - Pedophilia is NOT a Sexual Orientation



Leave the children alone!



Two-Part Series:

An Old-School Sexologist Speaks Out—"


Part I: 

Pedophilia is NOT a Sexual Orientation

Part II:

Connecting the Dots to Pedophilia

and the Globalist Deep State Death Cult

By Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard, M.A., Ph.D.
Double Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist


Part I: Pedophilia is NOT a Sexual Orientation

Part I: Originally Published November 06, 2020

(2 minute quick-read)


Part II: Connecting the Dots to Pedophilia and the Globalist Deep State Death Cult

Part II: Originally Published September 25, 2022

Updated September 22, 2023

(20 minute read)


An Old-School Sexologist Speaks Out—

Part I:  Pedophilia is NOT a Sexual Orientation


Dear Friends & Colleagues,

A deeply disturbing matter regarding adult-child sexual relations has lately come to my attention which I feel compelled to now address in no uncertain terms:

Despite a flurry of recent public claims by so-called “scholars” declaring pedophilia to be a “harmless, natural sexual orientation,” pedophilia is NEITHER “harmless” NOR “natural” NOR is it in any shape or form a sexual orientation.

Anyone claiming that pedophilia is a sexual orientation is a damn liar!

Make no mistake: Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder. And under the law, it is a crime—as well it should be.

These morally bankrupt, demonic shills brazenly attempting to “normalize pedophilia” would have you believe that pedophiles are “innocent victims” being morally and legally persecuted for their “natural” and “harmless” sexual feelings—when nothing could be further from the truth.

No one has the right to destroy a child’s life for their own despicable sexual gratification.

Unquestionably, children do NOT possess the cognitive capacity to give sexual consent—and sex without consent is always rape!

Pedophiles must rightly be held morally and legally accountable for their actions to protect innocent children from child predators who would use and abuse them for their own perverse sexual gratification.

Anyone having a problem with this approach needs to do some serious soul searching, and in conjunction, see a qualified mental health counselor to straighten their crooked thinking.


Leave the children alone!


For the record, kindly allow this old-school sexologist to spell it out:

Sexual attraction to children—which by any other name is pedophilia—is a morally reprehensible mind and soul sickness that is simply wrong on EVERY conceivable level.

And anyone who engages in pedophilia is a criminal. No exceptions. End of story.

If you agree, feel free to repost this post wherever you see fit.


Please join me in protecting our children by speaking out against this wickedness,

Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard, Clinical Sexologist


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An Old-School Sexologist Speaks Out—

Part II:  Connecting the Dots to Pedophilia

and the Globalist Deep State Death Cult"


(20 minute read)

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

A deeply disturbing matter concerning adult-child sexual relations has lately come to my attention which I am now compelled to refute in no uncertain terms.

Having on many hundreds of occasions myself come face-to-face with those personifying the evil that men and women do, including heinous sexual brutality and unspeakable acts of cruel depravity, my conscience commands that I speak out to protect our children. Frankly, I can scarcely believe that it was actually necessary for me to write the presumably self-evident rebuttal you are now about to read. Be assured, as a professionally educated and experienced clinical sexologist, I know full well what I’m talking about.

In my psychosexual therapy private practice over the last 30+ years—as an accomplished sex offender treatment specialist for perpetrators of assorted sexual crimes, including pedophilia and child sex trafficking, and as a sexual abuse recovery counselor specializing in treating children and adults victimized as children by adults—I've seen firsthand the devastating aftermath of human suffering and lasting damage caused by perpetrators of sexual violence.

Hence, I raise strenuous objection to the deluge of morally repugnant propaganda and disinformation regarding pedophilia presently being promoted openly. Accordingly, the purpose of this essay is to expose, challenge and dispel all such deliberately false information being disseminated by a global confederacy of evil with the intent to mislead, confuse or deceive the general public.

One last point to keep in mind before we get started—

The high-level treachery and skullduggery I am about to expose—in which pedophilia is a central, elemental piece of a planet-wide scale, diabolical jigsaw puzzle—is not for the faint-hearted. That being the case, the content of this article may at times seem undeniably far-fetched and extremely hard to believe.

All the same, to the best of my ability to call out evil, separate fact from fiction, and discern truth from lie, you have my word it is completely true and accurate. Needless to say, simply read this exposé—or, for that matter, everything else you look into—with an open mind while applying critical thinking and come to your own conclusions.

What's more, due to the depth, complexity, and multi-layered nature of the web of lies, deception, and treachery involvedspecifically concerning the myriad of sinister elements I shall be disclosing about the worldwide proliferation of pedophilia—the subject matter may occasionally appear unconnected and convoluted. Moreover, some of what I expose, dark and depressing as it is, may not be easy to hear. Please hang in there. Whatever you do, just don't ignore it. 

And while you are at, I recommend mentally steeling yourself for times when the villainous hidden conduct being unmasked lands like a kick to the head from a mule, leaving both you and your present world view reeling in shock and incredulity. When that happens, all I can say is, welcome to my world!

Bear with me and breathe through any such disquieting moments. Presuming that this vast undertaking to expose the hidden and simplify the complicated is successful, by the conclusion of this essay all the pieces of this admittedly highly implausible yet nonetheless absolutely truthful puzzle of labyrinthine proportions will eventually fit neatly together to reveal The Big Picture.

For better or worse, what you are about to learn will palpably rock your world. 

Brace yourself. And be forewarned, a tempting yet flawed human strategy for dealing with new, paradigm-shifting information that dares to jolt and/or topple over our present world perception is to deny, minimize and/or otherwise scoff at and outright dismiss any and all evidence resulting in our disagreeable cognitive dissonance. Succumbing to this avoidant approach does a huge disservice to yourself. Whereas the intelligent approach is to do your own research to prove or—should you question it—disprove the evidence.

Especially as in my experience, it is only by first “accepting what is for what is”—no matter how much we wish it were different or otherwise not sothat we can subsequently begin to do something about it. Namely, by taking steps to change it and/or change our thinking about it.

Accordingly, regarding the mind-bending revelations detailed within this public disclosure, the only thing you stand to lose for giving them careful, open-minded consideration, deliberation and further examination is your skepticism.

Thank you in advance for taking the time and making the effort to hear me out to the end of this short essay. That being said, without further ado, I now present my unconstrained and definitive, scorched-earth rebuttal to all this dangerous pro-pedophilia nonsense:

Despite a flurry of recent public claims by an emerging legion of bogus “scholars” and unhinged public officials asserting pedophilia to be a “natural, harmless sexual orientation,” pedophilia is NEITHER “natural” NOR “harmless” NOR in any way, shape, or form a sexual orientation.

Without mincing my words—Anyone, no matter their occupational post or official capacity, claiming that pedophilia is a sexual orientation is either a damned fool or a despicable, lying through their teeth militant activist or both!


Make no mistake about it: 

Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder.

And under the law, it is a crime—and rightly so—as it is child abuse.


The morally bankrupt, demonic sociopaths now crawling out from their dank, dark holes in shameless attempts to destigmatize and “normalize pedophilia” would have you believe their giant lies that pedophiles are “innocent victims of their desires.As further stated in their own self-absorbed words, namely their “desires to express their natural and harmless sexual feelings for children.”

You know, along the lines of grown adults having sex with little kids. Such as the psychopathic child predator who just recently taunted authorities online by gleefully gloating, "I love tying girls up and doing unforgivable things to them."

If this isn't sheer evil then I don't know what is.

Making matters worse, presently these same sick-minded, fallen-soul degenerates—appallingly including numerous disreputable U.S. politicians and the now completely discredited, propaganda-spewing United Nations—are pushing flagrantly hard to lower the legal age of sexual consent to 13 or less. With the U.N. going so far as to disgracefully claim that “Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent may be consensual in fact, if not law.”

Say what?

And to top it all off, pro-pedophile Evilist "progressives" are now preposterously asserting that “Current age of consent laws may be infringing on human rights.”

Whose rights? Certainly not the children’s!

In similar twisted fashion, these selfsame ethically impoverished crybully progressives have the gall to whine with completely contemptible insistence that pedophiles—or “minor attracted persons” (MAPs) as they have shiftily rebranded themselves—are being morally targeted and legally persecuted undeservedly. They want you to think that pedophiles are quite normal, just misunderstood.

Are you freaking kidding me!?

Be not deceived—the psychopathic progressive activists crying crocodile tears while promoting vile, pro-pedophilia bald-faced lies and pathologically perverse agendas are criminally degenerate tricksters who have entirely forsaken their humanity. The huge irony of their brainsick mission, as many of its proponents have had the audacity to publicly proclaim, is that they seek to “advocate for saner laws on intergenerational sexuality.”

I'm not making this up.

Mainly, by promoting new legislation allowing adults to have sex with children without being criminally prosecuted for it. Needless to say, ONLY in a completely deranged and demonically inverted society could sick in the head legislation allowing grown adults to sexually violate children without consequence be interpreted as "saner laws" showing reason, sound judgment and good sense!

Allow me to be perfectly clear here: By the very nature of its innate power imbalance—which places accountability on the stronger party to act ethically such that they don't take unfair advantage of their position—anyone shamelessly advocating for pedophilia to be accepted by society as "a normal sexual orientation" and/or "acceptable behavior" is a categorically misguided and morally depraved personality. While an admittedly harsh appraisal, it is nonetheless accurate; suffice it to say, it's a given to anybody whose learned to distinguish the difference between right and wrong.

Incredibly, this debased group of psychopathic, pretended progressive child predators includes a staggering degree of public and private officials/captains of industry/influential leaders/high level seemingly decent citizens and responsible "pillars of society" who are secretly practicing pedophiles. Hard to believe, and yet completely true. For their tender minds and innocent souls as naïve youths were captured and subsequently groomed and warped by agents of the "elite mastermind" Evilists behind the destructive so-called “woke progressive agenda.”

Primarily, through years of systematized brainwashing, indoctrination and refashioning by secret societies—combined with degenerate conditioning that instills initiates with a dark, perverse and depraved sexuality—including induction into the sexual brutalization of children through ritual sexual abuse, torture and rape. Culminating with their complete and unqualified allegiance as rogue yet fully obedient undercover militant reformers, in consequence of their having drunk deeply of the morality poisoning, utterly delusional Marxist-Luciferian "woke ideology" Kool-Aid.

Many of whom, having now opened the door for the dark side to work through them to oppress humanity, go on to wily infiltrate themselves or be strategically installed throughout the government, military, industries and institutions in responsible positions of influence. Thus, as "persons in positions of trust," perfectly positioning themselves to pull "inside jobs" that usurp our rights and freedoms as American citizens. Compounding the situation, these covert, self-proclaimed satanists—who secretly worship satan, for real—are peculiar people, exceedingly patient and neither careless nor apt to make mistakes.

Just the opposite. For the controlling 1% at the top of this evil, malevolent, behind-the-scenes world power globalist "Deep State" death cult—a worldwide organized crime syndicate that has deeply infiltrated and hijacked political and social institutions of the United States of America—are a very intelligent group of destructive minds devoid of all humanity.

This powerful, well entrenched and enormously large organization of rogue associates, comprising roughly 5% of the world population, is also highly secretive. With an allegiance numbering in the millions of self-described "satanic chosen ones,” its members are bonded together by a common need and desire to orchestrate and mete out havoc upon society for their own depraved means.

Including the stealth unleashing of violence and calamity by their own globally positioned private army, well-armed and ready on stand-by to go anywhere in the world by land, sea and air to do their demonic master's bidding. Professional military troops numbering in the many hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, composed of highly-trained, well-equipped satanic super-soldiers.

Innumerable hundreds of thousands of which, primarily composed of military-aged young males disguised as illegal migrants, have already infiltrated America through our inexcusably unsecured, open southern border.

Taking a page from the same playbook, the identical repetition of this very same strategy has been put into play by the Deep State abroad as well, flooding and occupying Europe and every other western nation with many hundreds of thousands of military-aged young males also disguised as illegal migrants. All for the same dark end of utilizing this covert military force to armed subjugate the national populations of each country when the time is right.

The Deep State's mode for breeching borders and penetration has been identical for each of the countries they have invaded: Upon making their stealth entry into the occupied nation, these soldiers join "sleeper cells" then lay low. For now, they are furtively biding their time and awaiting activation to wage war against the U.S. citizenry—and the citizenry of all the occupied western nations worldwide—on behalf of their Machiavellian Deep State master.

Specifically, by attacking us from within using weapons and ammo provided to them here in America by the seditious Deep State, and from within every other western nation they now continue to infiltrate and occupy. The very thought of which I don't mind telling you—as a proud, prior service U.S. Marine—leaves me deeply troubled.

Nonetheless, suffice it to say—as these ill-advised insurgents will quickly find out should they foolishly carry out these planned attacks against us from within our great nation—they have mortally underestimated the stalwart resolve of the many millions strong, well-armed militia of American Patriots!

For anyone so inclined, let's pray it never happens, even as we nonetheless make prudent preparations now—in a manner both mental and materiel—to defend ourselves and protect our beloved country should it so be required of us. Rest assured:  An armed and resolute citizenry can never be subjugated.

So buckle up, everybody—and Godspeed to all liberty loving Patriots the world over!

The worst part of all is that these megalomaniac Evilists control everything—yes, EVERYTHING—as in virtually every aspect of our lives. As stated in their own smug yet all the same factually accurate words, "We serve satan, and have infiltrated every pillar of your society and government and are in control—at the top."

Plainly put, this age-old cabal of black-hearted psychopaths have successfully concentrated all reins of social power into their own bloodstained hands. From ancient times to present, humanity has been under attack by these agents of chaos and degradation. In light of that, what you need to understand is that this world does not run on good, but on pure evil.

Trust me on this—

These ultra-wealthy, war-mongering, totalitarian wannabes who rape kids and control global networks of child sex trafficking do not have our best interests in mind!

Even now, incredulous as it sounds, many national governments around the world—including the national government of the United States—are going through a global coup d’état staged by this same satanic group of pedophile financial elites to accomplish their many decades long planned mission of establishing a planetary-wide, totalitarian state dictatorship.


Frightening, isn't it?

And mind-boggling. Yet completely true—

These are perilous times for "We the People" of the United States of America!


On the local level, this same grassroots satanic organization has long been secretly seeding our communities with individuals and groups who serve their evil ideals. Deceptively from within their positions of power and influence, they have been forcing these ideals upon us over time in small increments so that we wouldn't notice anything is amiss until it's too late for us to do anything about it, although—God forbid—that ain't gonna happen.

These traitors to “We the People” are composed of countless individuals and organizations working together through well organized local and national political activism, legislative advocacy, and community-level efforts to enact their foul "Take Down America" agenda. They are a shrewd and sophisticated cancer that has been stealthily preying on humanity for ages.

A good number of whom, with God's grace, will soon find themselves charged with crimes against humanity and crimes against children, in accordance with the law. No one is above the law even if they think they are. There will be hell to pay; I wouldn't want to be them.

Case in point:

For umpteen generations this extremely proficient predator class has been and still is today presently hard at work heavily compromising their key positions and our sacred trust by furtively betraying “We the People” in every way possible—primarily from within.

In particular, by infiltrating and hijacking America's highest professional ranks of—though far from limited to—politics, the judiciary, law, the sciences, medicine, big pharma, psychiatry, psychology, sexology, public health, social services, occupational regulatory and licensing agencies/boards, trade unions/professional associations, national and international banking, billionaire moguls, corporate business, Silicon Valley, the non-profit sector, Madison Avenue, legacy media, Hollywood, Broadway, the entertainment industry, professional sports, social media platforms/popular cultural influencers, eminent museums, academia, the educational system, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, the armed forces, religion, and many other major American and global institutions, organizations and enterprises.

When in comes to being thorough, one has to hand it to these parasitic Deep State double-crossers—they are incredibly infested throughout our entire society!

Likewise from within, this same unrighteous "woke movement” inverted ideology has long been metastasizing and scandalously compromising social welfare, family services and child protection agencies worldwide, in addition to national and world health and economic organizations. All of which purport to provide aid and comfort protecting children and families.

And yet, in recent years, all of which have been methodically weaponizing the "family justice" judiciary—and systematically engaging in organizational overreach—by implementing highly questionable policies and procedures undermining parental rights and damaging the welfare of children and families.

Lastly and most treacherous of all these insidious incursions is that over many, many decades a stunning number of this same dishonorable ilk have covertly embedded themselves from within U.S. governmental legislatures—as well as from within virtually all allegedly democratic State governments worldwide—on every level: local, state, federal and transnational.

This cabal of duplicitous politicians think and act like they are the boss of us. While hollowly professing to represent us, this cohort of cunning liars contemptuously thumb their collective noses at the doctrine that the only reason government exists is to do the will of “We the People” taxpaying Electorates. These renegade civil servants forget they work for and answer to us—their masters—and not the other way around. It is high time we remind them we are a self-governing people.

By contrast, this clique of corrupt, self-serving turncoats have defied, misled and sold out “We the People” by deliberately working against us from within to undermine our national might and sovereignty for their own villainous benefits. They don't care about us at all.

Precisely the opposite. They are completely out of compliance with the purposes for which they exist and don't even try to hide it anymore. Based upon their transparent pattern of behavior working against the best interests of our country, it's plain as day that the government of the United States is at war against its own people! 

As if that were not enough, yet again from within a broad variety of settings and integrity compromised institutions governing our lives, these same maniac subversives are even now furiously campaigning to normalize pedophilia. What fresh hell is this? Predictably and clearly self-evident, it is the spawn of the most debased mentality.

Have no doubt that those of rotten heart lurking within the dark and twisted world of child predators know full well pedophilia is and shall always be pure evil. Hence their present, frenzied yet well organized behind-the-scenes tampering to reclassify pedophilia in the DSM—(the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders used by psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and other mental health professionals) so that pedophilia is no longer classified as a mental disorder.

Which thereby opens the door for it to be legislatively decriminalizedbefore they themselves are exposed and held criminally accountable for the perpetration of detestable sexual misdeeds against children. Permit me to spell it out for you: In an increasingly desperate effort to avoid their own arrests, these satanic elite pedophile globaliststhrough their equally desperate, bought and paid for Deep State pedophile lackeys in positions of power and influenceare bound and determined to legalize pedophilia at warp speed!

To help pave the way for the lawful de-penalization of pedophilia, chances are good lawmakers will start by decriminalizing/legalizing bestiality, as was in fact approved earlier this year by the unabashedly pro-bestiality Spanish Parliament. According to Spain's new, so-called Animal Welfare Law:  "Bestiality will no longer be considered a criminal offense if there are no injuries to the animal that require veterinary treatment."

This inhumane law—which in plain speak fully decriminalizes the sexual assault of an animal—is just out-and-out wrong, and so messed up I don’t even know where to begin my protest. Suffice it to start by pointing out the obvious, which is no right-minded person can possibly be in support of this morally offensive new law. What more do I have to say? Other than bring to light that this misguided legislation could not have been passed without lawmakers turning a blind eye to the reality that interspecies sexual exploitation/abuse is categorically vile and reprehensible to anyone in possession of moral integrity and decency of character.

You can’t make this stuff up!

All the same, I would be very surprised if there were not at least a few skeptical readers whom, quite understandably mind you, initially find some if not all of the double-dealing treachery spelled out above coming off as eyebrow raising paranoia at best, and as flat-out batshit crazy at worst. And yet, as I am fond of saying these days, crazy is often being aware of the truth before most people.

Granted, it's a lot to wrap your head around. In any case, neither take my word for it nor dismiss me as an outright nutter; check it out for yourself. The best way to connect the dots for oneself is by becoming well informed and keeping an open mind—while paying careful attention and honing our discernment skills—to everything currently going on in the world today.

You exercise discernment by learning to distinguish truth from untruth, right from wrong, and identify deception. Assessing information by employing critical thinking and exercising good judgment, along with developing your ability to sense good from evil, can help you to to make up your own mind about what is true so you can determine for yourself what you believe.

In the meantime, take me at face value that the manufactured problems and consequent dangers now being presented by this evil, malevolent "woke industrial complex" to humanity and freedom the whole world overunder the patently false promises guise of "liberation" from oppression and "social transformation"are indeed all too real and imminent.

Don't let them fool you with their ideologically driven lies and vast repertoire of double-speak slogans. In plain-speak, “woke progressivism” in reality is severe, uncompromising, vengeful and destructive social warfare.


For this in fact is a real war—

A war being waged against the world and against our children without precedent.


Unite with me now in taking a principled stand to protect our children and defend parental rights by calling out this deviltry. In actual practice, the "woke agenda" seeks to redefine sexuality and what it means to be a family—and our children are their prime target. Their stealth goal is to dissolve the normal family unit and the relationship with children and their parents.

Schools are dangerous places for children! Namely, owing to the insidious, never ending sexualization and gender indoctrination of their minds in classrooms by “woke indoctrinated teachers.” It is beyond outrageous that our children are being socially engineered by these misguiding fools to believe the scientific falsehood that gender is a choice when in biological fact it is inborn and immutable.

Gender grooming “I know best” militant activists masquerading as teachers would have you believe that the government and schools have a better, more compelling interest in our children than do parents. If they had their way, these narcissists would change the laws to allow the government and schools to replace the role of parents in their children's lives.

In point of fact, these arrogant numskulls smugly think that government and school teachers know better than parents. The whole idea would be laughable if the radicalized, mentally and emotionally unstable teachers in question weren’t actually hell-bent on confusing the minds and warping the morality of our highly impressionable youth by filling their heads with poisonous gender dogma nonsense.

As by now I hope is becoming apparent, the real objective of this woke craziness and hypocrisy is the disruption and destruction of America—our great meritocratic republic that cherishes individual liberty and the rule of law—in order to overthrow the American way of life. Likewise for Canada and every other modern-day “Western World” nation whose culture is built upon ancient Judeo-Christian values dating back to cultural antiquity.

Collectively, this sinister, hidden-behind-the-curtain group of globalist elites are out to destroy Christianity and usher in a satanic "New World Order" overseen by and under the authority of their "New Church." One that in reality will be the synagogue of satan. From which they will thereby create a society, to quote from a secret vision statement written over a century ago by one of their most celebrated and farsighted grand master visionaries, "...where the multitude will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view."

Crazy, right? And yet it gets even crazier.

Our traditional culture is now under attack from within and without. It grieves me to report that what we are presently witnessing is nothing short of the controlled demolition of America! Along with the radical erasure of our American heritage and age-old moral traditions and values that have been developed over thousands of years.

The destruction of western civilization is required to transition into a totalitarian "New World Order." As written in his 1915 book, "The Spirit of Militarism, top level international Zionist Nahum Goldmann proclaimed, "This conversion and reorganization requires two major steps: firstly, the destruction of the old, established order, secondly, design and imposition of the new order."

Simply put, the first step of the globalists' plan is now in play and well underway. Namely, to destroy western civilization with deliberate "cultural genocide." By means of intentionally causing the presently ongoing, well-orchestrated mass invasion and occupation of western European nations by overwhelming numbers of Middle-Eastern and African so-called "refugees seeking asylum."

The second step—and ultimate agenda—of this worldwide, highly organized Marxist-Luciferian "Woke Revolution" is the de-construction of the nation-state and its sovereignty the world over. To be replaced with tyrannical governance by an unelected and unaccountable consortium of transnational institutions, working together in government-corporate collusion to bypass democracy and impose a fascist government-corporatism.

This "one world government" grand movement will require us to willingly cede—and thus eliminate—our individual and U.S. Constitutional rights as Americans by shifting our national power and policies to restrictive, authoritarian and untruthful supranational satanic elite controlled global institutions.

Thus, perfectly positioning the globalists to enslave the entire world population by removing everybody's freedom—starting with the complete elimination of consumer privacy and citizen anonymity—through the compulsive imposition of their "Big Brother" digital ID upon every one of us.

Specifically, by compelling sovereign United States citizens to submit to a corrupt global governance by the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), the United Nations Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (UNESCO), the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Economic Forum (WEF) and all such other deeply malicious "axis of evil," globalist cult-created entities and organizations long operating under the guise of rendering aid and furthering world peace.

Thereby leading to the establishment of their globalists’ de facto world government.

Namely, via incrementally foisting itself upon the people of every nation, by way of employing the proverbial "camel's nose under the tent" strategy. As the time-tested Middle Eastern proverb cautions, "If a camel is allowed to get its nose inside of a tent, it will be impossible to prevent the rest of it from entering."

In other words, a seemingly innocuous decision—for instance, giving up your nation's health sovereignty—may well lead to much wider, undesirable consequences later on.

Case in point:  Presently, the World Health Organization is in the midst of a feverish campaign to take away the public health sovereignty of every nation on the planet—particularly the public health sovereignty of the United States—"for humanity's greater good.”

Quick, hide the silverware! Whenever globalist functionaries claim they want to "protect" us, what they usually intend is grabbing power for themselves. They really are out to get us—"by whatever means necessary."

The globalists' Utopian goal, ultimately, is to transform free, democratic societies into enslaved, totalitarian societies. Thus at long-last, creating their eagerly anticipated dystopian "prison planet" for humanity.

It's incredibly ironic, actually:  They seek to seize our freedom—while it is they who should all be in prison for plotting to take over the world!

The WHO's proposed "pandemic treaty" will enable the WHO to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world. Namely, by removing human rights protections, enforcing censorship and digital passports, requiring governments to push a single "official" narrative, and enabling the WHO to declare "pandemics" on a whim.

This so-called "pandemic treaty" has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with stripping away our individual liberty.

Consequently, we must stand up for ourselves and for future generations by stubbornly refusing to comply. Starting by rebelling against these unelected globalist tyrants and taking our countries back. In turn, thus shall we preserve liberty the world over. 

They are salivating at the prospect of tricking humanity worldwide into willingly giving up our national sovereignty and individual freedom in exchange for their false promises of health and safety.

As is obvious to any loyal American, such a Constitutionally repugnant, objectionable usurpation of our national sovereignty as this must never, ever be allowed to happen! 

Which is to say: The surrender of our national public health sovereignty to the WHO, or any other globalist entity, along with the surrender of public health sovereignty of other nations, would give the globalists the power for total control of people everywhere.

Power and control from which to manage and exploit humanity all around the globe through a centralized "One Worldism" base of operations.

Primarily, through the non-overridable, worldwide imposition of their authoritarian regimes lockstep "global policies."

Equally troubling is that their long term, venomous master plan schemes to achieve world domination by abolishing freedom and democracy in democratic countries the world over.

Predictably, starting with America—they obviously have no idea who they are dealing with—bloody hell are they in for a rude surprise.

For we shall never comply nor submit—the very thought of which to every red-blooded American Patriot is anathema and completely unacceptable—oh, hell no!

This long planned takeover is evil incarnate:  Its intent is to seize control, remove everybody's freedom, and kill millions, if not billions, of people worldwide.

For example, to follow is a direct quotation from a document by the “Secretariat for World Order” of the Security Council of the UN, dated September 20, 1991, which calls for, amongst other totalitarian demands:

The immediate reduction of world population… This must be done by whatever means necessary…. Compulsory cooperation is not debatable with 166 nations… That all nations have quotas for population reduction on a yearly basis, which will be enforced by the Security Council by selective or total embargo of credit, items of trade including food and medicine, or by military force, when required.”

Plainly put, these power grabbing genocidal maniacs—through tyrannical governance by their unelected transnational organizations henchmen—are preparing to commit war crimes and mass murder to achieve their declared objectives for upwards of a 95% world population reduction of humankind.

Their sinister plan is to carry out the mass genocide of at least every 13 out of 14 human beings now on the planet—as again described in their exact words—“by whatever means necessary.”

In the past few years this depraved mass extermination plot has been stealthily set into motion and is now well underway via multiple modalities. Far-fetched as this all no doubt sounds, be assured I neither exaggerate nor fantasize any of it.

If we are to save humankind from deliberate, cold-blooded obliteration, these treacherous, unaccountable globalist "wolves in sheep's clothing" criminal organizations—masquerading as nonviolent world agents of social assistance and security—must all be made illegal, disbanded, and put out of action permanently.


Let me be clear on this: 

At this very moment, humanity is vigorously being targeted for extinction!


Therefore, in united opposition to this devilish global coup d'etat—orchestrated by the vile, malevolent Luciferian cabal's top hierarchy to impose their so-called "Great Reset" upon humanity the world over—“We the People” across the entire planet must rise up in solidarity against it. For only by working together will we put an irreversible stop to this multi-generational in the making, carefully premeditated, globalists' extermination plan for humankind before it's too late. Suffice it to say, time is of the essence...

And yet as bad as all that is, I regret to inform you it gets fiendishly worse—considering the end goal of these demonically controlled, authoritarian despots is to quite literally eradicate humanity as we know it by ushering in "a post-human future" of enslaved hybrids created between human and machine. 

Ghastly to even think about, isn't it? To paraphrase Shakespeare, it's "Such stuff that nightmares are made of."

Consequently, we must determinedly heed the words of modern-day dystopian seer George Orwell, who from his deathbed cautioned us of just such a "dangerous, nightmare situation" with this chilling final warning to the world: "Don't let it happen. It depends on you."

Accordingly, the time has come for “We the People” the whole world over to take back our collective power by pushing back hard against this diabolically divisive, spiritually warped Marxist-Luciferian “woke ideology” until we crush and defeat it.

The globalists' full-frontal assault upon our very humanity and freedoms must be permanently stopped, or life in the future for all humankind will only get worse. In plain English:  If we don’t want to see humans made extinct we must defend ourselves!


Our best weapon is our unified voice—

I implore you to join with me and many like-minded others in an anti-globalist

alliance by boldly speaking out against this fiendish ideological agenda.


As Plato recognized, "Your silence gives consent." Don't worry about what others think of you because you speak your mind seeing as how if we don't things may go from bad to worse.

When people of good conscience hold their tongues, the wicked are emboldened and evil triumphs.

That being the case, now more than ever, the high moral values that built our great nation need to be voiced; I dare say speaking out together against this wretchedness is our moral and patriotic duty. The stakes could not be higher. 

God willing, despite their insistent and increasingly desperate, all-out efforts to stealthily impose their wicked agenda upon our preponderantly high-principled world society, they are doomed to fail miserably. For in their unbridled arrogance these lying and scheming miscreants have fatally underestimated “We the People” who are no idiots.

On the contrary, we know their treacherous plans and shall give them no quarter! And on top of that, we are many, we are mighty, we are united, we are reasonable, and we are moral—whereas they are anything but.

In reality, this seditious gang of sociopaths are an immoral, unrestrained, anti-social, self-absorbed, self-indulgent, and highly self-satisfied lot prone to smug displays of arrogance, a self-destructive trait which always comes home to roost.

Case in point: These mostly hidden behind-the-scenes pro-pedophile Evilist puppet-masters, secretly pulling the strings of their highly indoctrinated herd of non-critically thinking “useful idiot” puppet-minions, have overplayed their hand.

As we—the vast majority of virtuous and right-minded Americans and citizens of all nationalities around the world—shall never abandon our sacred duty to ferociously protect our vulnerable children. Nor ever in a million years capitulate to such despicable evil as legitimizing adult-child sexual relations.

Neither in any other way shall we allow these hostile masters of deception to continue undermining the fundamental moral underpinnings of our society—let alone literally exterminate humankind—without fighting back with a fierce determination until we vanquish and remove all these forces of evil from Earth forever!


*       *      *

Object lesson:

No one has the right to harmlet alone destroya child's life for their own abominable sexual gratification.

Pedophiles—a.k.a. child molesters—must be held morally and legally accountable for their criminal acts of sexual savagery to protect and avenge innocent children from patently perverse child predators who prey upon and physically, sexually, emotionally, and mentally violate them to achieve heinous sexual fulfillment.

Child molestation includes any unlawful conduct of a sexual nature with, or sexual exploitation of, a person under the age of 18 years whom, by definition as a minor, is legally incapable of competently consenting to sexual activity with an adult, period.

This includes the rapidly emerging scourge of so-called “self-generated” online child sexual abuse which has skyrocketed in recent years. Specifically, where adult criminals look to find, manipulate, groom and coerce children into recording their own sexual abuse on camera for them to put online. While these images are most often taken at home in a child's bedroom or bathroom without the abuser present in the room, they are nonetheless Child Criminal Exploitation through the use of technology.

Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) occurs where an individual or group takes advantage of an imbalance of power to coerce, control, manipulate or deceive a child or teenager under the age of 18. The victim may have been criminally exploited even if the activity appears consensual.

Still greater trauma can result from what online safety and law enforcement experts are calling financial sextortion. This form of online sexual abuse involves adult predators befriending victims, primarily teenage boys, under false pretenses, enticing them to send incriminating photos and then demanding payment under threat that they will expose the photos to family and friends. The repercussions of these sextortion scams are often devastating, including victims who have suicided after they were blackmailed.

Hence, as a professional sexologist—and above all, a right-minded human being—here I stand and can do no other than speak out with full-throated words of condemnation to expose and increase awareness of these monstrous evils now targeting our children.

Generally speaking, sexologists are recorders and reporters of the facts—what people do, think and feel sexually—and are not judges of the behavior they describe. Yet a caveat is needed; namely, excepting lawfulness, which above all else includes the ability to give sexual consent.

Bear in mind that the ability to give meaningful sexual consent requires a fully developed adult brain—with its corresponding cognitive capacity—to intellectually, emotionally and morally understand the all-around significance of and ramifications from engaging in sexual activities with another person.

Wherein lies the rub:

For without exception, by their very nature children LACK a fully developed brain and the corresponding cognitive capacity to rationally understand—let alone legally give—meaningful sexual consent, and sex without consent is always rape.

Therefore, this being the case, to whomever it may concern—


Leave the children alone!


Anyone having a problem with this approach needs to do some serious soul searching, and in conjunction, see a qualified mental health counselor to straighten their crooked thinking.

Let us envision and work hard to bring about an ideal world composed of a decent, high-minded society marked by moral integrity, kindness and goodwill. A society where the writing of essays such as this exposing darkness to light is unnecessary. Until we get there—and we will—I hope you join me in taking a stand to protect our children and safeguard the moral bearings of our society by speaking up for what you believe.

In conclusion, so as to leave no room for misunderstanding, kindly allow this old-school sexologist to spell it out in very basic terms:

Sexual attraction to children—which by any other name is pedophilia—is a morally reprehensible mind and soul sickness that is altogether wrong on EVERY conceivable level.

And anyone who engages in pedophilia is a criminal. No exceptions. End of story.

If you agree, feel free to repost this post wherever you see fit.


May goodwill prevail on Earth,

Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard
Clinical Sexologist


Copyright © 2022 Michael Ra Bouchard, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved.


Note: In my ongoing life work of empowering the world with Truth—as best I am able to discern it myself—the article you have just read calling out the evil of pedophilia is one of the most important I have ever written for what I assume by now are abundantly apparent reasons. Thank you for taking the time to read it, and for carefully considering how you can also take a stand to help protect our youth and nation, for indeed, what's at stake is nothing less than the future of our children and the very survival of the American republic.

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