An Old-School Sexologist Speaks Out - Pedophilia is NOT a Sexual Orientation



Leave the children alone!


An Old-School Sexologist Speaks Out—

Pedophilia is NOT a Sexual Orientation


By Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard, M.A., Ph.D.
Double Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist


Posted on Linked In
September 25, 2022

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Dear Friends & Colleagues,

A deeply disturbing matter has lately come to my attention that I feel compelled to refute in no uncertain terms. Frankly, I can scarcely believe that it was actually necessary for me to write the rebuttal you are now about to read:

Despite a flurry of recent public claims by an emerging legion of bogus “scholars” and unhinged public officials asserting pedophilia to be a “harmless, natural sexual orientation,” pedophilia is NEITHER “harmless” NOR “natural” NOR in any way, shape, or form a sexual orientation.

Without mincing words—Anyone claiming that pedophilia is a sexual orientation is a damn liar!

Make no mistake: Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder. And under the law, it is a crime—and rightly so—as it is child abuse.

The morally bankrupt, demonic sociopaths now shamelessly attempting to “normalize pedophilia” would have you believe pedophiles are “innocent victims of their desires. Namely, desires to express their “natural and harmless sexual feelings for children.”

What's worse, these sick-minded, soulless degenerates are pushing hard to lower the legal age of sexual consent to 13 or less—even going so far as to flagrantly claim that “current age of consent laws may be infringing on human rights.” Whose rights? Certainly not the children’s!

In similar twisted fashion, these same ethically corrupt crybullies have the gall to whine with utterly contemptible insistence that pedophiles—or “minor attracted persons” as they have shiftily rebranded themselves—are being morally targeted and legally persecuted undeservedly. They want you to think that pedophiles are quite normal, just misunderstood.

Are you freaking kidding me!? Be not deceived—the psychopathic con artists promoting these vile, bald-faced lies and pathologically perverted agendas are criminally immoral people who have completely forsaken their humanity.

Object lesson: No one has the right to destroy a child's life for their own despicable sexual gratification.

Pedophiles—a.k.a. child molesters—must rightfully be held morally and legally accountable for their criminal actions to protect innocent children from child predators who would use and abuse them for their own perverse sexual gratification.

Child molestation includes any unlawful conduct of a sexual nature with, or sexual exploitation of, a person under the age of 18 years.

Unquestionably, children do NOT possess the cognitive capacity to give sexual consent—and sex without consent is always rape.

Leave the children alone!

Anyone having a problem with this approach needs to do some serious soul searching, and in conjunction, see a qualified mental health counselor to straighten their crooked thinking.

For the record, kindly allow this old-school sexologist to spell it out: 

Sexual attraction to children—which by any other name is pedophilia—is a morally reprehensible mind and soul sickness that is simply wrong on EVERY conceivable level.

And anyone who engages in pedophilia is a criminal. No exceptions. End of story.

If you agree, feel free to repost this post wherever you see fit.


Please join me in protecting our children by speaking out against this wicked evil,
Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard, Clinical Sexologist


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