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"An Old-School Sexologist Speaks Out
Pedophilia is NOT a Sexual Orientation"


"A No-Nonsense Sexologist Unapologetically Tells It Like It Is—
Three Genders Only & Woke is Wack!"


“Red Pill” Critical Thinking Tips for Staying Grounded in a
Crazy Inside-Out, Upside-Down, All Mixed-Up World



"Am I Normal? Rethinking the Sexual Politics of Normalcy"

"Death as Your Advisor"

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  2. "Valentine's Day Gift Guide"
  3. "Kissing Lessons for Lovers"
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  6. "Domestic Violence Hurts Everybody"
  7. "Heal Yourself and Break the Cycle of Violence"
  8. "It's Never Too Late to Help Yourself Heal From Childhood Sexual Abuse"
  9. "How to Shape Up Your Lover"
  10. "What Everyone Needs to Know About Women's Mooncycles"
  11. "What Everyone Needs to Understand About Sexual Refusal & Sexual Assault"
  12. "Distance Counseling in the Age of Pandemics:  Just how effective is it?"
  13. "On Becoming a Sexologist - Dr. Michael's Story"

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