No-Nonsense article



Wokeness is a harmful false virtue masquerading as beneficial
while promoting meanness, intolerance, hatred and cruelty.



A No-Nonsense Sexologist Unapologetically Tells It Like It Is—     

 Three Genders Only & Woke is Wack!


By Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard, M.A., Ph.D.
Double Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist




The following excerpt is from my long-read article entitled,
On Becoming a SexologistMy Story, Or, “Accidental Sexologist No More!”

which was originally published on LinkedIn March 15, 2020


Excerpt updated and published on LinkedIn April 10, 2022

(20 minute short-read)




Going forward into this present pandemic, I remain committed and inspired as ever to be in service to all by empowering my fellow brothers and sisters across the globe in whatever capacity that I am able. Joining forces with countless dedicated professionals and unsung heroes in all the helping professions, it is my firm intention to continue helping to bring about a better, brighter, more beautiful future for Humankind by making a positive difference in the world through the virtuous circle of service to others. In my case, by professionally providing accurate, informed and sex positive sexual health education, nonjudgmental counseling, and unconditional positive regard—which by any other name, is simply known as love.

Nevertheless, just so we're clear—as all of Dr. Michael's counseling clients quickly come to learn—we're a team, and while I'm here to do all I can to help people straighten their crooked thinking, when it comes to improving your own personal situation in this life, it’s still YOU who has to do the heavy lifting! As you can probably tell by now, I'm not one to candy-coat things. Realistically, what else would you expect coming from a long time student and practitioner of the popular 1960's and 70's era, point blank yet genuinely compassionate “tough love” philosophy—especially when delivered by a former Marine/turned no-nonsense counselor?


Speaking of no-nonsense—

I now present my entirely non-sensical so-called preferred pronouns: 

Mister Know It All” / Your Highness”


In other words, are you freaking kidding me!?

If you ask me, to expect everyone to remember your so-called personal pronouns—let alone demand they repeat this patent nonsense as though it's not a delusionary mental disorder—is the height of arrogance and entitlement. It frankly strikes me as nothing more than a heaping shovelful of narcissistic mass psychosis. 'Nuf said—don't even get me started about this annoyingly self-indulgent and vainglorious fake “gender pronouns” gibberish—now everybody snap out of it!

Be assured my intention is certainly not to personally insult or to in any other way disrespect anyone. Nevertheless, I urge those to whom this delusory charade applies to do everyone—including you—a big favor and get over yourself already. Seriously.

While I'm at it, this is as good a time as any to ask that you kindly permit this old-school, professionally educated, trained, and 35+ years practicing Clinical Counseling Sexologist and Professor of Human Sexuality & Psychology to unequivocally affirm the following scientific fact, seeing as how the matter has become utterly muddled in recent years—almost beyond all repair. Hence, for the record—

All fanciful thinking aside—read that as thinking not based on fact—technically speaking, there are three and ONLY three human genders:  male and female, representing over 99.9% of all births and—exceedingly rare at less than .1% of all births—intersex. And that’s it.

Gender refers to a person’s natural God-given biological and genetic make-up. Despite what you are being intentionally mis-lead to believe by cultural and family destroying agenda-driven psychopathic evil tricksters and their clueless army of non-critically thinking “useful idiot” minions and zealots—regrettably including many overly trusting, well-meaning with good intention yet misinformed people—gender is unequivocally not a matter of choice nor a “preference” nor otherwise in any way mutable.

On the contrary—gender is a fixed, not subject to change unalterable matter of destiny by birth—DNA solely determines one’s sex. And no amount of hormones or surgery or cross-dressing can override it. At the most, these interventions feminize boys and men, and masculinize girls and women. No matter how insistently or loudly anyone brays, gender is not a social construct. Nor is it a matter for debate—the data is incontrovertible—any claims otherwise are just patently untrue.

To settle this matter once and for all, I now present the following example of sound logic, as succinctly deduced over 150 years ago by none other than the deeply esteemed, ever level-headed logician Mr. Abraham Lincoln, who was fond of asking: “How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”

A person can “identify” as whatever they like till blue in the face but in the end “identify” is nothing more than code for “I’m pretending to be.” Likewise, for the sake of argument regarding so-called “gender fluidity,” I would add that no matter how you slice and dice it—or whatever other kind of convoluted, distorted and plain flat-out wrong magical thinking is employed to have you believe otherwise—it simply ain’t so! With rare exceptions, people trying to be something other than what they are by Nature is a tragic mind sickness.

Precisely as intended by the immoral “puppet masters” quietly pulling the strings from behind the curtain to sow seeds of chaos and confusion, triggering an identity crisis that disrupts familial and social conventions, which in turn, furthers their wider, evil-minded agenda. These are peculiar psychopathic personalities who flourish and delight in man's misery and confusion. I will elaborate later, but for now what you must understand is that the major malevolent Plan of these sociopathic puppeteers and their demonically complicit minions is to destabilize and destroy marriage and the nuclear family.

By degrading and destroying the stable institution of the nurturing traditional family—the building block of human society and the basic unit of social stability—the wicked controller’s intention is to abolish traditional morality and its corresponding healthy heritage, then replace it with their own immoral beliefs and corrupt heritage. And in the process, to drag human behavior to previously unimaginable lows while dividing and destroying American society. Put plainly, our American way of life is presently under attack like never before in the entire history of our country!

For now, to everyone who has been mistakenly taken in by all the ongoing delusional gender hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo—currently being widely disseminated as factual and yet nonetheless all outright lies and propaganda—through both legacy media and online social media platforms, and also within many of our so-called educational institutions, more accurately indoctrination zones, from grade school to graduate school in this ongoing war upon truth and common sense—for goodness' sake, it's time to face reality! It deeply pains me to report that you have been treacherously tricked and are living in an evilly twisted and fractured fairy tale dream that is absolutely not going to end well for you.

For in reality—actual reality and not corrupted false reality—life is too damn short to live in namby-pamby land. To anyone presently so mentally and emotionally compromised as to now find yourself “triggered” by my above shout out to this inane brainsickness, for that is what it is, you need to thump yourself alongside the back of your head as many times as necessary until you get over it. For real.

In short, you have been mind-control psychologically conditioned to react with self-righteous indignation and outrage to anyone that contradicts this insidiously deceitful, meticulously calculated, misdirecting “thought malware” programming. These delusions, once carefully implanted, are difficult to correct. The end goal of this mass delusion mind-control is to induce you to act as a delusional—read that as un-adapted to reality—obedient machine.

As keenly perceived by the eminent thought control and brainwashing WWII-era research scientist Dr. A.M. Meerloo in his seminal 1956 publication, The Rape of the Mind: “Any influence which tends to rob a person of their free mind can reduce them to robotism. Any influence which destroys the individual can destroy the whole society.” He further warns, “Humankind’s innate laziness and resistance to the hard labor of thinking makes it relatively easy to manipulate us with words.”

To the ruling elite puppeteers operating in the shadows, words are “conditioners” and “emotional triggers” serving to imprint their desired reaction pattern upon those hearing them. Simply put, the use of so-called “trigger words” are designed to bring up a reservoir of dark feelings, that in turn leads to a negative reaction on behalf of the hearer.

This includes thought malware trigger programming that conditions people to reflexively deploy the menticidal—read that as brainwashed—nuclear option of so-called “cancel culture” through shaming, shunning, penalization, and censorship against anyone with differing views than their own. How lame is that?

So much for the inclusively accepting philosophies of “to each their own” and “different strokes for different folks,” both of which reigned socially supreme when I grew up in the latter half of the much more tolerant of differences previous century. And I ain't exactly ancient—not quite yet, anyhow!

As if we absurdly ever could—let alone deludedly ever conclude we have the right to—act out in a manner that attempts to “erase or cancel” another person's humanity or otherwise curtail their freedom of expression simply because we don’t agree with it. News flash: It’s called freedom of speech! Free speech and the free exchange of ideas and opinions requires everyone to engage with ideas which we may not like, while also extending tolerance to words and beliefs we may dislike, or that challenge and or otherwise unsettle us. And in the end, it’s how we build bridges and learn from one another.

By the same token, and completely contrary to current mis-guided so-called “progressive” cultural doctrine, unbridled indulgence in your emotions when you don't get your way is simply juvenile and is definitely not the answer. On the contrary, rather than immaturely shrieking, pitching a fit and wailing like a baby, you need to get a grip, elevate your gaze, and raise your standards. Or in other words: Grow up! Fully formed—read that as psychologically and emotionally mature—adults treat each other with kindness and respect, and certainly not with hostility and disrespect.

Likewise, it has been rightly noted that fully formed adults accept as much responsibility as possible for our individual life, for society, and for our world by telling the truth, by repairing what is in disrepair or broken down and by creating anew. Healthy adults strive to behave virtuously, to develop their power of vision and direction, and to expand their capacity for full reciprocity. Indeed, it is by determining how to act towards our self and others that we are most likely to become and stay a good person and, in our own unique way, make the world a better place for everyone.

For in one way or another, what the world needs more now than ever is for each of us to transform and redefine our personality so as to personify kindness, starting by extending genuine tolerance to others with different philosophies than our own, as in “live and let live.” Granted, it is asking a lot, and yet, how can we ask any less of ourselves? Especially when the result of each of us living properly is that we all collectively flourish.

In the process, we discover how painless it is to ourselves and respectful it is of others, plus how liberating it feels once we free ourselves from any and all the misguided bigotry we've somehow acquired. And for any relentless hardheads out there still insisting on canceling” something, I urge you to “Cancel cancel culture!”—by replacing harshness with a gentler better angels of our nature much more humane “kindness culture.” In other words—everybody relax!—and while you're at it, for goodness’ sake, be kind and show everyone respect.

For anyone who may have forgotten—or regrettably never learned—it’s called civility. As all of us can haplessly attest today, countless examples of in-civility abound in our presently devolving culture—ranging from the ubiquitous dropping of vulgar “F-bombs” to careless and ungracious “anything goes” profanities and other crudities of speech and behavior that resultantly slime both speaker and listener alike. The words we use influence our behavior in daily life, and additionally determine the thoughts we have. Hence, a good place to start practicing civility is by carefully minding your mouth and your manners. Character is formed by our daily decisions, both small and large, which in turn subsequently shape the person we become. Ultimately, it remains for us to choose civility over incivility.

Civility is the courteous acknowledgement that the thoughts and feelings of other people also matter. It is the expression through the vital elements of our behavior and speech which form the foundation of civility—and personal dignity. Civility reminds us that we should not just say or do whatever we like or the first thing that comes into our head, but rather as a matter of self- and other-respect, that we should endeavor always to be mindful—read that as respectful—of other people’s feelings and sensibilities.

It isn’t hard to do. On the contrary, it simply requires that we practice the fundamentals of civility—respect, mutuality and trust—and effort to bring out the authentic best in ourselves by curbing our narcissistic self-centeredness and paying greater attention to others. Especially in our conduct towards those with whom we may disagree vigorously or otherwise possess very different philosophies than our own.

Object lesson:  Taking offense is a choice. In my counseling practice I gently yet firmly encourage those with the hair-trigger habit of being easily offended to straighten out their reactive “crooked thinking” and thereby stop upsetting themselves to everybody’s betterment. Stubbornly refusing to be reactive requires those taking offense to work on increasing their emotional intelligence by actively practicing tolerance of others. It further requires learning to live and let live with dignity and respect, as has been practiced by every generation of Americans going all the way back to our country’s founding. Let us effort to be more understanding and less judgmental of one another.

Once again, it isn’t hard to do—for at the end of the day, goodness begets goodness. Simply effort consistently to personify tolerance, acceptance, nonjudgmentalness, and respect. While you are at it, strive to connect in peace and sow the seeds of love, unity and compassion with everyone you meet. With a little practice, before you know it you'll be doing it on your head! When it comes to fostering mutual respect and kind regard, nothing beats the Golden Rule of giving what you want to get: Treat people the way YOU want to be treated. A good place to start is by ceasing to bash others who think, look, or act differently than you.

Prime example: To anyone now reading this essay fuming with your undies in a knot (hopefully not many) or otherwise “taking offenseover anything thus far stated—seriously?!—perhaps while muttering a few choice words regarding how the good doctor must surely be a xenophobe, homophobe, transphobe, sexist, bigot, redneck or whatever other kind of misinformed know-nothing in-tolerant epithet you believe justifiable in labeling me, for goodness' sake pull yourself together and stop wasting your time.

Pejorative words hurled my way won't bother me a bit. Truth is I've been called far, far worse by far, far better in unforgettable terms only those proud few having had the masochistic privilege of being a Marine recruit can ever appreciate—nose to nose, hat brim to hat brim—courtesy of in-your-face, wild-eyed, verbally colorful Marine Drill Instructors. So before letting loose, take a step back to rightfully reconsider your groundless assault upon my character.

Honestly, how anyone reading this heartfelt, human-interest account of my personal and professional character development over the decades could be more wrongheaded regarding my sincere motivations for voicing alarm over this despicable gender infighting—suffice it to say—they don't know me at all. To those whose doubts persist, suit yourself.

Case in point: As a young straight man in my 20's, I took on a multi-decade activist role in the lengthy struggle for gay rights heart and soul. Yet now today, as a 65-year-old senior citizen, I watch completely horror-stricken as the radical ideology now dominating the so-called “trans movement” stridently insists that gender itself be “erased”—a demand striking most Americans as “nutty, unfair and dangerous”—which in turn is causing a backlash against hard-won LGBT rights.

I encourage anyone doubtful of my lifetime commitment to sexual equality for all to review my many essays on the subject via the below link to “Sexual Rights are Human Rights” located on my counseling website within Dr. M’s Free Archive page:

Not to mention I have accrued over 50,000 hours of practice, study and research in the subjects of normal and abnormal human psychology and human sexuality over the last 40 years—with all due respect, what about you—can you say the same?

In any event, no affront taken. I'm telling you now—with a wide smile stretching across my face—that even a .50 caliber depleted uranium projectile won't pierce this former Marine/no-nonsense counselor's steel-plated psychological armor! But hey, that's just who I am and how I roll. And so yet again I ask—but what about you?

For you see, unlike many full grown adults in western society today who have pathetically, in my “calls ‘em as I sees ‘em” unmitigated assessment, abandoned any and all self-respect—by lackadaisically default-devolving into a “victim”—my personal feelings sure as heck aren’t fashioned of delicate hand-stitched gossamer. On the contrary, they are constructed of blast furnace-forged high tungsten steel. Without mincing my words—for everyone to whom this imbecilic, power-abdicating “taking offense” character fault applies—it's time to buck the hell up and take your power back, buttercups!

While this take no prisoners assessment of mine may at first blush seem unreasonably harsh—tissue?—it is also my habit to double down upon my efforts whenever encountering those devoid of all self-respect, namely by personifying enough respect for the both of us, in the hope of embodying a worthy of imitation “monkey see, monkey do” role model.

To anyone so inclined, before pitching a mental shit-fit over my unapologetically strident views regarding this stealthy, highly organized campaign of misinformation/disinformation regarding biological gender and natural human sexuality, get a grip on yourself. Especially anyone “triggered” by my outrage over how very cunningly “factual sexual science” has been nefariously hijacked, perversely twisted and unrecognizably distorted in today’s society by these same malevolent forces. To whom this shoe fits—relax, Exlaxand do everyone a huge favor by ceasing to be so thin-skinned and knee-jerk reactive!

The thing is, your reaction actually says and additionally reveals much more about you and your thinkingand the effectiveness of your lifetime of brainwashing and programming—than it does anything about me and mine. Yet even so, surely we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

I, for one, would welcome that development with open arms. Consequently, it now bears repeating: If what you are presently reading in this article is “triggering” indignant upset or rage or otherwise unleashing whatever self-righteous cerebral clown show now being wheeled out from between your ears—how dare I!—take that as your cue to learn more about this matter by questioning and researching it on your own to prove me wrong—or mind you just perhaps possibly right.

Either way, here I stand and can do no other. For you see—


I worry not who will be offended if I speak the Truth;

I worry who will be mislead, deceived and destroyed if I don’t.


Good therapists tell you the truth about what they think. Hence, for anyone now starting to suspect or recognize that you have unknowingly allowed yourself to be culturally and socially brainwashed to buy into this load of gender bunk and tomfoolery—hook, line and sinker—I urge you to seek out an online support group. One with like-minded folks also taken in by the constant propaganda, suggestion and insistence conditioning covertly driving this ridiculous, false-hearted gender confusing program.

Without sugarcoating it

Any gender ideology stating gender can be changed is a lie.

It is biologically impossible to change gender.

Period. End of story.

The Gender Industrial Complex is one of the most evil entities on the planet! Once you recognize this ever-expanding cult of bogus “gender spectrum” ideology for what it is—mental and emotional coercion—and realize your mind has been falsely imprisoned, your formidable task becomes throwing off the shackles of this despicable system.

Many of you, quite wisely, will want to know where to begin. Start with a mental “mass coronal ejection” of all rigid “woke” ideological rules, delusional observations and phony convictions. You must de-condition your mental slavery to naively adopted unwholesome programs in order to emancipate a re-conditioned wholesome mindset that brings about more of what you want and less of what you don't across-the-board in your life.

Specifically, I suggest you selectively join an online mental health support group for like-minded kindred spirits with common experiences and concerns just like yours similarly seeking assistance in their recovery from patently false and psychologically damaging fanatical woke psycho-sexual indoctrination. For regrettably, without mincing words, that is exactly what it is. Unlearning all the false indoctrination you’ve been programmed with will take time, patience and perseverance.

Your ideological repudiation will not be easy—largely due to heavy mental blackmail/social pressure from peevish others whining for you to conform to the prescribed orthodoxy and “correct-think” or be canceled for “wrong-think.” Shrug off any toe-the-line crybullying and to thine own genuinely authentic self stay true! Above all, remember—


“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.
To be your own man is hard business. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened.
But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”

                                  Rudyard Kipling


In the final analysis, it is no simple task to deprogram your propagandized mass delusion in order to consequently rewire and regain your self-control to break free from this evil, “mental contagion” programming/authoritarian belief system which you have been pulled into. The difficulty of this task is compounded by the fact that not only do bad-ideas as such kill common sense, they result in feelings of belonging and community for everyone succumbing to these wicked “social viruses” via their willingness to follow the herd.

As Master Yoda instructed, You must unlearn what you have learned.Your mental and emotional wellbeing are worth the effort you muster to recover and protect them. Search online and on YouTube for self-empowering “woke and gender ideology deprogramming support” resources where you can both learn from and teach others rather than struggling on your own the hard way. I wish you strength and courage.

Yet be forewarned: Deprogramming yourself from infectious and cunningly deceptive “idea pathogens” takes time and effort; getting out of a cult is often as slow and gradual a process as getting into a cult. Escaping this lamentable position can only be done gradually; namely, by constant and intense self-directed effort towards transforming and reorienting your enchained mindset, thus allowing you to redirect your free will back into a positive direction.

Be that as it may—you've got this! By the same token, to anyone whom this insidious mind control indoctrination applies, a good place to start is by dumping everything so-called “woke” and jettisoning all of the unfounded gender garbage from the cubby of your cranium. Along with everything else counterfeit that you were fraudulently sold and naively bought into under the hidden pretense of misinformation and deliberate deceit from gender-identity radicals with poisonous doctrines of dangerous nonsense posing as teachers. In this worrisome age of artificial intelligence they are creating even more worrisome artificial stupidity.

All of which these corrupt, mentally and emotionally unstable extremists zealously promote and self-righteously teach to underhandedly shackle, radicalize and mentally molest the innocent and highly impressionable minds of our children and young adults. Including audacious attempts to subvert parental control by sponsoring secret after-school “Satan Clubs” and secret “Gender Transition Closets” behind the backs of parents!

Con artist school teachers are actively undermining parents. They gaslight the minds of our youth to promote Luciferian and transgender ideologies, Marxist ideas and “social justice activism” that teaches children it's acceptable to defy their parents. In the words of one radicalized transgender teacher, “The goal of the ‘trans closet’ is for our students to leave home wearing the clothes their parents approve of, come to school and then swap out into opposite gender clothing that fits who they truly are so they can ‘trans’ at school.” Intentionally without their parents knowledge.

So everyone is clear


This is a spiritual war on children against God!

Lies, deception, scheming and temptations are the root of the dark forces’ evil.


These extremists are brainwashing, grooming and laying a Black Magic “mental spell” upon our children at school through mass suggestion and mass hypnosis. This profoundly inappropriate sexualizing of our youth can adversely impact their emotional wellbeing and psychological mental health. Regrettably, many continue to be caught up unawares in this deceptive web. Once a person takes leave from the reality-based community anything becomes possible—including the highly improbable and flat-out impossible—including what is presently passing as pseudo-science (read that as garbage) “woke gender ideology.”

To anyone whom this deliberate deceit and malicious misdirection applies, I implore you to break free of it. To unshackle your mind, you must first recognize this demented dogma for what it is—nothing but a steaming load of “virtue signaling” crap. Much of it proselytized under the cockeyed guise of hyper-inflated “moral grandstanding.” To everyone buying into this mass hysteria epidemic, I'm sorry to say—you’ve been totally duped!

The pervasive spread of “woke movement” propaganda into every segment of American society in recent years covertly seeks to undermine, overturn and destroy civility and traditions that have long assisted Humankind in governing itself and getting along. All in the name of “progress” through insidiously idealistic brainwashing curriculum and propaganda that promotes class, racial, and gender differences which its proponents wrongly yet vehemently insist have resulted in present day “social inequalities.”

Worse yet, this misguided and dangerous “cult of wokism” dogma preposterously proposes to fix and replace these exaggerated/made-up problems with completely unrealistic and counterfeit—as well as hateful and destructive—“woke goals and expectations.”

Be not deceivedwoke is nothing more than code for Marxism!

When in actuality, so-called “wokeness” is a categorically uncivil, harmful false virtue masquerading as beneficial while promoting meanness, intolerance, hatred and cruelty towards those who think, look, or act differently. What's up with that, right? If you ask me—woke is wack!


Once you understand that Satanism is all about “inverting reality” and portraying evil as a virtue

will everything this Satanic Order does start to make sense.


Likewise, the promulgation of weaponized sexual misinformation/disinformation that has been disseminated over the past several decades—typically having no basis in scientific fact—continues to be taught openly and secretly by so-called “progressive” or “woke culture” or “politically correct” fanatics through profoundly inappropriate and highly sexualized education curricular.

These unfactual indoctrinating doctrines are overwhelmingly based on deviant, degenerate and destructive new dogmas and distorted fantasy ideologies. All of which are recklessly being promoted by dark elements within our society, governmental and educational systems in a manner that is neither age nor developmentally appropriate.

Case in point: Parents are complaining that their children are being hypersexualized and exposed to deviant sexual concepts and pornography at tender ages in school. Including teachers giving 4-year old junior kindergarteners “masturbation homework” assignments instructing them to identify places in their homes where they can “privately touch your penis or vulva if you want to.” This is child abuse. So everyone is clear: School sanctioned age and developmentally inappropriate sexual curricular—and the pathological psycho-sexual indoctrination of our children—are categorically vile acts.

Equally contemptible, emboldened activists and proponents of these detestable ideologies have shamefully crossed the line with their never-ending proselytizing of gender dysmorphia indoctrination and systematized pushing of age-inappropriate and scientifically preposterous “transgender transitioning/gender switching” propaganda nonsense upon our innocent young children. Be not deceived: Encouraging kids to “change” their gender is a crime against humanity!

This bankrupt and morally outrageous mentality now permeates throughout practically every strata of our society via schools, social media, sports, entertainment and culture, making it virtually impossible for anyone to escape unscathed from this mental disorder. For anybody not utterly thunderstruck by it all, allow me to spell it out for you: This sickening and perverse indoctrinating doctrine is just flat-out wrong, morally depraved, and nothing short of CRIMINAL.

And thoroughly EVIL. Join me now in taking a principled stand to protect our children and defend our rights as parents. This old-school sexologist refuses to stay silent while pro-pedophile and other radical, sexually aberrant self-interests groups brazenly in our face attempt to normalize grooming, pedophilia and other psychological pathological disorders and criminal activist ideologies coming straight from the pit of hell—oh, HELL NO, not on my watch!


“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

                              Albert Einstein


This includes the need for all of us to call out the grotesque and vulgar “Drag Queen Story Hour” events that are “geared for children aged 3 to 11”—say WHAT?! Along with high school teachers dressing in drag as scantily clad queens and dancing on a stage while performing a raunchy show for underage teenage students as part of an after-school “Gay Sexuality Alliance Club”without parental consent. Has our society gone completely unhinged from its collective mindwhat on Earth are people thinking?? In NO freaking multiverse is this disgusting degeneracy and utter depravity normal or healthy. On the contrary, it is child abuse. The whole thing might be laughable were it not so tragic and detrimental in its consequences. And therein lies the rub—and the fix.

Object lesson: People of good conscience must speak out to put a stop to this authoritarian and evil brainwashing belief system leading children and young adults down the road to hell and destruction. Our youth should be allowed to grow up morally unviolated without being subjected to this repugnant nonsense.

I exaggerate not one iota when I state we are presently living in a time of highly calculated, multi-decade implemented, malevolently manipulated social engineering and mass psychosis tyranny that is completely disconnected from reality. All of it originating from amoral, perverted and sociopathic so-called “global power elites” whose ill-disposed design is dedicated to keeping us endlessly distracted—look over here, not over there—confused and misdirected, weakened and divided from one another, towards ultimately separating us from our Soul Self and the love of God.

A favorite tactic frequently employed by these fiendish social and cultural manipulatorsstealthily operating around the globe from within the shadows—is to create dissension amongst us, the better for them to keep us distraught and preoccupied while they hide in plain sight in flagrant pursuit of their wicked agendas. Specifically, by playing the victim, race, and gender cards against us—as is plain to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear as running amok in recent years—through fabricated culture wars” purposefully designed to inflame and leave us divided, polarized, and drifting towards chaos.

Simply stated, under the cover of a linguistic “fog of war,” these hell-bent purveyors of discord adeptly deploy “words propaganda” to separate and demonize segments of society. This is a cult that is very obsessed with languageand collective obedience. To control people you have to control the way they think, and to control the way they think, you have to control their language through “cult words, definitions and ideologies.”

Hence, Orwellian “speech police/fact checkers” censor, bad-mouth and/or cancel anyone daring to disagree with their stealthy schemes to advance full-fledged war against traditional values. All in aim of further rolling out their societally destructive, insidiously insane and never-ending self-serving agenda after agenda after agenda against humanity. Regrettably, it has proven a very effective tactic.

So everyone is clear: The purely rotten intention of these sick f*ck malevolent psychopathic puppet masters and their never-ending evil—while an admittedly harsh assessment, trust me, if you knew even half of what I knew about these demonic monsters and their centuries of perpetrating ruthless and abhorrently sickening crimes against humanity, you would call them the same or worse—is to CONTROL THE MASSES. Trust me when I say it is much, much worse than you can possibly imagine.

Primarily, through abusive policies peddled by their backstabbing, bought and paid for corrupt political leaders and seditiously dishonest mass media shills sowing the seeds of division to create a schism between us. Thereby allowing them to add lots of fear in-between, the better to distract, misdirect and control us for their categorically greedy gain and inhumane mass eugenics depopulation agenda. Yes, you read right—depopulation, as in, genocide—they are playing God!

If you doubt me, research the “Georgia Guidestones” and prepare yourself for a shock. As that old psychological chestnut rightly warns, “Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you.” Make no mistake: These sick, obsessively hateful Evilists are arrogance incarnate, spiteful, deceitful, cruel, and stand for nothing short of conscious malevolence with the desire for deliberate destruction, thoughtfully and completely. They are dedicated to the propagation of pain and unnecessary suffering of Humankind 24/7. Moreover, these “enemy of humanity are the very archetype of Evil, the embodiment of pure hatred of Humankind and God”—and they know full well the misery which they gleefully perpetrate and heap upon us.

As accurately discerned by distinguished Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson:

“There are some actions that are so intrinsically terrible that they run counter to the proper nature of human Being.
This is true essentially, cross-culturally – across time and place.
These are evil actions. No excuses are available for engaging in them.”


Likewise, towards furthering their corrupt self-serving agendas, these sociopathic wolves in sheep's clothing relentlessly instruct us to “follow the science”—which in reality is a religious cult of self-indulgent, perverted-science dogma—all while they deceptively swap out religious robes for white coats and shamelessly self-anoint and self-appoint themselves “High Priests and Major Prophets” of this brave new world religion of Bogus Science. Let me be clear: Not only do they want us to blindly “follow the science,” they want us to follow their opinions and dictates—and do it all without question!

News flash: Questioning science is science! But not to these criminally insane “power trippers,” to whom science is simply another game for manipulation and control. In the enemy's playbook, there are no facts; all definitions are merely made up by they who gain from them, excluding others and everything that does not directly or indirectly benefit them personally and selfishly. If you can't question it, it’s not science, it’s propaganda. Therefore beware of all who say to do as you’re told unquestioninglyfor such people are almost always morally, ideologically, and spiritually bankrupt.

Think about it. I suggest you stop now for a few moments to absorb all of what I just said. Better still, I urge you to re-read the six preceding short paragraphs above as many times as it takes until it really sinks in. And do your research. For plainly put, once you put on your critical thinking cap, it doesn't take a “conspiracy theorist” to connect the dots!

While I'm well aware that this warning may come across as rather alarmist at very best—and as a completely over the top bonkers rant of a madman at very worst—I assure you that I have most definitely not overstated the case. Suffice it for me to now say, the evil they are orchestrating is much more monstrous than I am now prepared to describe in this article. For now, just know that their hidden agenda is nothing short of anti-human, and no one on the side of humanity would ever consider aligning themselves with these malevolent beings or their audacious genocidal agenda.

And even while diabolically brilliant, this agenda is absolutely demonic, and for that reason alone I am comforted and deeply heartened that in God's perfect time, their evil-minded scheme is doomed to fail, and fail it shall miserably. And not to get all “holy roller” on you, nevertheless, I personally believe that this is a spiritual battle between good and evil—and while the devil and demons are real, so are angels and God—and in the end, God Source wins.

No doubt that last comment will push a few buttons and leave some readers unconvinced: Reallythe devil?? Fair enough, and yes, really—the devil. I can almost see the eye rolls and hear the groans, but hear me out. As I've just stated, I’m no holy roller.

Yet once you understand that their demonic “god” is transgender, you start to understand what this current “transgender push agenda” is actually all about.

In the truest sense of the word these sociopaths literally worship the devil. Permit me to elucidate—

For starters, transgenderism is nothing new, but is in fact quite ancient. It is actually a religious practice going all the way back to the old pagan mystery religions. Lucifer himself is often portrayed by occultists as an androgynous being, and in occult literature often referred to as the “divine androgyne,” or in other words, “he-she.” In essence, the androgyne of ancient times is now being resurrected under the banner of “transgenderism.”

Want a shock? Today's culture is riddled with transgenderism, and not how you think. I know this will sound ludicrous, but a staggering number—basically all—of our best-known, beloved pop culture idols and heart-throbs, TV/movie stars, performers, pro athletes, celebs, corporate big-shots, prominent politicians, expert scientists, “royals,” famous historical figures, etc., etc., etc.—present, past and long past—are covertly gender inverted and in a transgender-Luciferian cult. They have been hiding in plain sight and gender bamboozling us for many, many generations. But that's a whole 'nother mind-bending story for a different time.

Crazy? Maybe—but then again, “crazy” is often somebody who figures out the truth before most people. For now, just know this is what's going on and make of it what you will. Better yet, start your own investigation by searching “celeb transvestigation elite gender inversion” (#EGI) then brace yourself for impact!

The wicked intention of this ancient celebration of androgyny was and still is to blur and eventually obliterate clear distinctions between male and female genders and characteristics, so everyone can became “one” with each other through what amounts to “psycho-sexual confusion.”

The real purpose of the hidden Evilist masterminds is not to improve the wellbeing of the extremely rare few amongst us genuinely having the exceptionally uncommon affliction of gender dysphoria whom certainly deserve our respect and sympathy. In actuality, these sociopaths view gay and transgender people as nothing more than props to create psycho-sexual confusion that ushers in their radical adult sexual ideology. Plainly put: They have hijacked the gay and transgender community and couldn’t care less about them!

Their evil end-game is to eradicate the present American Judeo-Christian culture our country was founded and built upon, and replace it with their demonic Luciferian culture—and so everyone is clear—I’m 100% dead serious. Their purely ungodly intention is to end freedom and democracy and establish a worldwide Marxist communist new world order that openly worships Satan.

You just can’t make this stuff up. As the old saying goes, “When truth is blurred by lies and misinformation, perception becomes reality and all is lost.” Alas today, perception is quickly becoming “reality” for many. A sad hellscape of modern existence false reality, which unfortunately many good but confused people have bought into lock, stock and barrel. For those of us who have not bought into this twisted and nefarious agenda, it is our duty—to our children, young adults and country—to call it out loudly and vigorously wherever it raises its demonic head.

In summary, the entire goal of this androgyny—now called transgenderism—agenda is the transformation of society through the removal of boundaries by blending opposites (male/female) into “one.” While begrudgingly acknowledging they have long been doing a damn good job of it, I have no doubt whatsoever they shall not prevail. Namely, due to ever increasing numbers of morally upright Americans and righteous people the world over catching on to their sinister mind manipulation schemes, and in one unified voice bellowing “Enough is enough!” while taking action to crush this evil agenda forever.

Turning now to the current matter of gender/transgender exploitation, while I take no pleasure in bursting anyone's bubble to whom this vile sexual and gender mis-information/dis-information/confusion/dysphoria propaganda campaign of damn lies and downright deceptions applies and continues to cause grave harm, burst it to smithereens I must!

I am extremely alarmed over those in the medical field attempting to normalize the cavalier usage of dangerous cross-sex hormone inhibiting/puberty blocking medications and other so-called “gender affirming” medications that can cause permanent damage. Including websites geared towards teens as young as 13 on how to get cross-sex hormones without parental consent. I am likewise aghast over the altogether indefensible promotion of irreversible so-called “sex change” transgender mutilation surgeries for anyone under the age of 25—which is when the human brain completes its full development.

The fact of the matter is that children do not possess the cognitive capacity to give informed consent for these medically abusive dismembering procedures! Consequently, I believe all medically maiming “sex change” interventions—so-called “top” and “bottom” surgeries—on children to be ill-conceived and utterly barbaric atrocities.

I therefore unconditionally advocate that all such despicable medical violence be banned and outlawed to protect those far too young to comprehend the drastic repercussions which may follow from the making of permanent, life-altering decisions at such a vulnerable age and stage in their development. Namely, unforeseen consequences arising from having made such huge, major life choices as a minor or young adult that later as fully mature adults they come to regret deeply for the rest of their lives.

In the name of Almighty God—


Leave the children alone!


Pro-mutilation hospitals now providing experimental “minor gender transition” procedures on children are engaging in flat-out child abuse! In my strongest professional opinion, these radical gender-alteringinterventions are a travesty of medicine that disregard many other factors which may be contributing to a more likely than not transient gender dysphoria. As such, I am adamant they are unethical and should therefore be criminalized and legally prohibited for anyone under the age of 25 to undergo.

And even then, only after the person undergoes at minimum a full year, ideally longer, of psychological assessments and intensive sexual therapy prior to treatment. All provided by a professionally educated sex therapist possessing an advanced counseling psychology degree—to ensure they are in fact a mentally stable and appropriate candidate before obtaining any irreversible medical procedures. In the final analysis:  Mental illness, internal conflicts, trauma and psychological wounds will never be healed with so-called “gender affirming” hormones or irreparable mutilation surgery.

As a highly credentialed sexual scientist motivated by the desire to help others—and as one whose work specifically addresses all matters pertaining to human sexuality both healthy and unhealthy, normal and abnormal—I am well qualified to assess and comment upon current events impacting sexual health, psychological fitness and overall wellbeing. Precisely as I am now efforting to do. Subsequently, it is my studied assessment that we are now living in a world which alarmingly—by careful playbook-plotted design—has not only gone stark raving mad but lost its moral compass to boot.

We have a serious mental health crisis in this country and it needs to be addressed. I am well aware that my point of view challenges the prevailing party line amongst a great many of my well-meaning though nonetheless disinformed and naively hoodwinked fellow mental health professional colleagues. Lucky for me I am not looking to win any popularity contests. To any longtime friends and peers disagreeing vigorously with my position, bless your hearts—prove me wrong.

For yet once more, here I stand and can do no other—silence is complicity.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

                                                     Edmund Burke


It is time for all believing in righteousness to unite against these evil forces and—fortified by the courage and convictions of our morality—smite this incredibly dark foulness.


Big shout-out to on-off-on again Twitter-banned “G A Y S AGAINST G R O O M E R”more power to you!


Reassuringly, I am far from alone in this recognition and in taking a strident position of righteous resistance on behalf of all humanity, young, old and everywhere in between. Those whom have eyes to perceive, ears to discern, and a mind to critically think for themselves grows exponentially in numbers daily. The Truth is now being revealed for everyone to pay attention, observe and call out the lies, despite the dark side's increasingly frantic—though ultimately failing—efforts to suppress it as they always have until recently yet can no longer.

Speaking of frantic last-resort efforts, I suppose now is as good a time as any to drop a particularly relevant and admittedly mind-blowing bombshell: Namely, while it may understandably sound completely outlandish at first, don't be fooled if/when in the not-so-distant future the dark side stages their decades-long planned, simulated yet nonetheless devastatingly violent and destructive “fake alien invasion” catastrophic attack upon major world cities.

We must likewise be prepared for a staged “fake friendly alien rescue”, via huge 3D holographic images of highly venerated religious deities projected high up into the sky above major world cities around the planet, to initiate a so-called “spiritual apocalypse.” Each of these deceptions—a fake alien invasion and fake alien rescue—will utilize the dark side's secret weaponized earth-originating space craft vehicles and/or advanced CGI holographic technologies in a desperate “bogus banner” attempt to stop the continued unraveling of their maniacally evil Plans.

Most especially their Plans to consolidate and expand their self-serving powers towards initiating a totalitarian “new world order” and despicable depopulation agendaall of which we must stubbornly resist. Once again, you just can't make this stuff up, folks! Do your own online research on “Project B l u e B e a m” and the death bed confessions of WWII-era Nazi Germany pioneer rocket scientist Wernher von Braun—whom postwar thanks to “Project P a p e r c l i p” became NASA’s chief aerospace moon missions engineer—then come to your own conclusions. While admittedly it sounds crazy, what if?

Keep an open mind is all I'm saying. If you wish to learn more, I've written about these potentially mass casualty fake alien invasion and fake alien rescue Plans in articles previously posted on LinkedIn and here on my counseling practice website under Dr. M's Free Archive. For anyone seeking an in-depth introduction to the subject of Earth politics and extraterrestrial life, be sure to visit Dr. Michael Salla's website at Dr. Salla is a tireless researcher and renowned pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, the political study of the key actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life. What Dr. Salla has to say is guaranteed to blow your mind—the Truth has a tendency of doing that—which is, of course, usually a good thing.

The more factual knowledge and understanding you gain regarding how dark elements of our society, government and educational systems have long and methodically hijacked the Truth about reality in general—and particularly in matters of healthy and happy sexuality regardless of your gender or orientation—the more it will serve to liberate rather than enslave you. As is in fact now the case, although you may not as yet have come to realize it. All the more reason I humbly implore you to take me at my word that you are being played by the completely wicked power elite predator class” players hiding in the shadows who most assuredly do not have your best interests in mind!

The good news is that each and every day that passes more and more of the Truth is being revealed to the world as awareness grows about the concealed truths and massive blockade of lies being told to humanity by those comprising this rabidly inhumane power elite faithfully executing the immoral bidding of their “hidden Master in the Stars,” Lucifer. And I'm dead serious—not for nothing is it said that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

Not only does the devil actually exist, “the father of lies”—primarily through his fawning vermin army of debased Earthly minions—has never been busier in a desperate, yet ultimately doomed to fail, last-ditch attempt to hide their mare's-nest of megalomaniacal lies and secrets. Lies and secrets that have been carefully built and guarded over centuries in order to keep people everywhere—other than those within this ruling global power elite “one big club that you ain't in”—from knowing essential information that all humanity the world over should rightly possess. Along with callously denying us access to scientific advances and breakthrough technologies benefiting all Mankind.

And to anyone so inclined—read that successfully mind-control programmed—it's useless to call it a so-called “conspiracy.” The tyranny of the “Deep State” Satanic global controller power network is now on full display for everyone to behold in awe their “beautiful flare of ruin” as these criminal creatures very publicly self-immolate! Thankfully now before our very observant eyes, an almost unimaginably gigantic dam of utterly damning lies is beginning to fail and collapse.

Exposing and outing for all to see the age-old evil long perpetrated by the Deep State's Marxist/Luciferian worshipping so-called world leaders and prominent public figures present, past, and long past—going back millennia, yes, millennia. All of whom shamelessly lied and betrayed their entrusted positions by selling-out their fellow Brothers and Sisters in Eternity for egomaniacal power and personal gain. Actions have consequences; I wouldn't want to be them.

The rot is deep! These vile traitors and governments against the people are not only dedicated to working against the best interests of the United States and of their own countries—through never-ending subterfuge, deceit, and treacheries—but also against the best interests of humanity the entire world over. The rot must first be revealed before it can be replaced by something better. Thankfully, now is indeed the time of the Great Revealing—humanity is presently being liberated and a new age dawns—and absolutely nothing whatsoever can stop it!”




Out of the thousands of articles that I have written over the past 35+ years, this one may very well be the most important of all for what I hope by now are abundantly clear reasons. Thank you for taking the time to read and carefully consider my concerns.

I wish for you only the best, and hope this short-read excerpt proves to be useful and empowering while also affirming your sound thinking and revealing your unsound thinking. Be assured that I need to remind myself periodically to heed the same counsel that I have offered to you today. Feel free to share and repost this article anywhere you see fit.


More power to you,

Dr. Michael


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