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Online Care Consultations with Dr. Michael

Help and guidance is also available through online care consultations .

Dr. Michael became an early adaptor of online guidance beginning in 1995. Since then he has been an online sex, love, and relationships expert and sexual rights advocate on numerous major websites—including permanent residency as the "Sexual Pleasure Pro" at from 1998 to 2003, the leading provider of solutions for women online in its day.

For over 20 years npw Dr. Michael has been providing aid, comfort, and guidance to thousands of online clients worldwide via face-to-face counseling, telephone counseling, and online guidance. As a seasoned online care counselor, Dr. Michael has developed a skill and talent for competently assisting everyone in all matters of sexuality and relationships through clear, concise, and above all, private one-on-one email communications.

From his Hawaii based private practice, Dr. Michael provides discreet, confidential and leading-edge care to clients locally, nationally, and internationally via local office visits, global telephone distance sessions, and online care consultations.

Dr. Michael is also available for worldwide travel to clients seeking intensive face-to-face treatment within the privacy and comfort of your home. Dr. Michael specializes in providing accelerated and completely confidential treatment to celebrities and high-profile individuals. Please call for details.



As a board certified clinical counseling sexologist in private practice for over three decades, Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard has frequently heard clients speak about difficulties in locating a trained and talented counselor to help with their sensitive sexual concerns and private relationship problems. With all the talk and attention given to sex and relationships today, one might expect that a professionally qualified "sexdoc” would be about as common as your neighborhood corner convenience store.

Surprisingly, there are at most only a couple of thousand professionally trained and board-certified sexologists in the entire world, with the vast majority of them working in a multitude of disciplines outside of the counseling field. As for the handful of sexologists specializing in sex therapy and relationship counseling, even fewer in number are the tiny minority of us possessing BOTH an advanced Counseling Psychology degree AND an advanced Sexological degree. Apparently, we "full pedigree" counselor-sexologists are spread rather sparsely around the planet!

All the more reason you can trust Dr. Michael with your care, as he is a well-trained and highly educated Clinical Counseling Philosophical Psychologist AND Doctor of Human Sexuality, holding BOTH a Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling Psychology AND a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology advanced degrees.

In his practice as a dual board-certified clinical sexologist at Aloha Sexual Health & Happiness, LLC. Professional Counseling Services Dr. Michael specializes in all matters of sexuality, intimacy, marriage/couples and relationship counseling, guidance and therapy.

In addition to being an acclaimed sex therapist and marriage counselor, Dr. Michael is a professionally trained telephone counseling specialist with over 40 years of telephone counseling experience. As an accomplished and reputable distance counselor rendering aid, comfort and precious hope to many thousands of clients worldwide since 1981, you can trust Dr. Michael for competent, confidential, and nonjudgmental help by telephone with your sexuality and most precious personal relationships.

Dr. Michael is a practicing clinician, sex researcher, graduate school professor of human sexuality and counseling psychology, author and expert in the respective fields of sexology and relationship counseling. His therapeutic focus is always results-oriented and applicable to everyday living in the here and now. Dr. Michael's candid one-of-a-kind thought provoking style teaches and assists clients to recognize and reframe their thinking errors and cognitive distortions of perception.

Clients of Aloha Sexual Health & Happiness, LLC Professional Counseling Services receive the highest level of evidence-based individual therapy for sexual and/or mental health and/or marital & relationship challenges, whether by telephone or in-person. And while you may rightly associate us with sexual and marital health, please know that we are also a comprehensive wellness counseling center able to help you manage a wide variety of emotional and mental health issues.

Specializing as a Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) clinician, Dr. Michael utilizes only the most effective and proven approaches to counseling.

From 1991-97, Dr. Michael perfected his REBT clinical skills in his mid-town Manhattan private practice. During this same period Dr. Michael had the personal good fortune to attend the international Albert Ellis Institute in upper Manhattan as both a student and counseling client of the eminent sexologist, world renowned psychologist, and acknowledged "father" of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, the late Dr. Albert Ellis.

As a care giver today, Dr. Michael continues to embrace the philosophy of empowering his clients to consciously live at cause in their life so as to bring about more of what is wanted and less of what is not.

Nothing replaces a face-to-face visit with your doctor. While it would be ideal to meet together in Dr. Michael's office, for anyone outside of Hawai'i, this could prove expensive and impractical. If you're local or planning on visiting the Hawaiian Islands, by all means call to make an office appointment. For everyone else, be assured Dr. Michael’s over 40 years of providing telephone counseling, and over 20 years as an "online sexpert," reflect every bit as much of the same care, concern, and effectiveness as his face-to-face consultations.

When it comes to such important matters as your personal sexuality and intimate relationships, it’s essential to know that you’re working with an accomplished, skilled, and seasoned clinician you can trust. Whether you seek telephone counseling or online consultations individually or as a couple, Dr. Michael will assist you in a safe, relaxed and open environment. You can depend on receiving competent, confidential care and above all, informed and effective results-oriented treatment.


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About Dr. Michael’s Online Care Services

Many sexual concerns are caused by inaccurate information or incomplete knowledge and understanding. And many relationship troubles are caused by the need for more effective communicating, relating, and conflict resolving skills. Concerns and challenges such as these and many others can often be quickly alleviated through online care consultations with Dr. Michael.

We are indeed fortunate to have today’s modern communication technologies—particularly smartphone and ubiquitous online accessibility—literally at our fingertips towards helping to alleviate anxiety, concerns, and hurts. Nonetheless, technology has its limits. So we are clear:

Online consultations are not—nor are they ever meant to be—
a substitute for live person-to-person therapy
via in office or telephone sessions.

That said, online consultations do provide a level of assistance to those not necessarily seeking counseling, yet still struggling with issues interfering with their overall quality of life both sexually and non-sexually. Access to complete, accurate, sex and pleasure positive information is imperative for everyone so we may each make our own best informed choices regarding matters of sexual health and relationship happiness. Easily accessing affordable and individually tailored online guidance from a professionally trained and well-seasoned sexologist you can trust is an extremely effective, practical, and speedy way to increase knowledge and gain personal empowerment that helps you to make the very best choices possible for yourself.

This service provides answers to your most personal questions from a leading sexologist, confidentially, in the privacy of your own home, at your convenience, and at reasonable rates. While no service of this kind can or is meant to replace individual sex therapy or medical treatment, for many concerns a simple one time consultation is sufficient. Dr. Michael personally tailors knowledgeable information into a thorough educational response designed to help you to have more of what you want and less of what you don’t. And all in ways that respect your own personal value system.

Many people find online communications to be a non-threatening and least embarrassing way to discuss their sexual and marital concerns. And while secondary to in person or telephone consultations, online communications with a trained professional such as Dr. Michael, can still provide you with a safe and valuable resource that you know can be trusted to be competent, caring, confidential and most importantly accurate and effective.

Dr. Michael is a board certified sexual scientist with specialized training and advanced degrees in human sexuality. As a sex educator and researcher, Dr. Michael and other research sexologists are recorders and reporters of the facts-- what people do, think and feel sexually-- and not judges of the behavior they describe. Clinical sexology is a specialized area of therapy that explores the mental, emotional, physical, and situational causes and remedies of sexual concerns.

As a trained counselor, Dr. Michael offers therapeutically healthy and balanced perspective on all matters of sexuality, intimacy and relationships. He encourages each client to best make his or her own informed choices according to his or her own personal value system. As a clinical sexologist, Dr. Michael is specifically trained to assist clients in achieving optimum levels of sexual health and happiness, along with increased capacity for intimacy. Dr. Michael helps clients within a professional, non-judgmental, sensitive, sex and pleasure positive manner so that they experience more of what they want and less of what they don't in every realm of life.

Dr. Michael assists clients in finding understanding and solutions through a holistic and integrated approach to living and loving, since after all, nothing exists in a vacuum. With over twenty-five years experience, Dr. Michael is also an accomplished and seasoned relationship therapist. His dual specialization of sexology and counseling makes Dr. Michael particularly well-equipped to bridge the realms of sexual and emotional intimacy, increasing "conjugal bliss" within the context of a fulfilling coupled relationship. His therapeutic focus is always results-oriented and applicable to everyday life and living in the here and now. Dr. Michael utilizes only the most effective and proven client-centered and cognitive-behavioral approaches to counseling and psychotherapy, while embracing the philosophy of teaching clients how to empower themselves.


Dr. Michael respects each client’s personal values
and does not judge or discriminate against anyone.
He is committed to providing excellence in every session,
whether meeting face-to-face in his office
or globally via phone counseling and online guidance.


How May I Help You?

Dr. Michael’s specialties include, but are not limited to the following:


* Couples counseling and individual counseling

* Counseling and therapy for all sex, intimacy, and relationship concerns

* Sexual enhancement and relationship enrichment programs for reviving sexless marriages & relationships

* Sexual enhancement, relationship enrichment, and romance coaching for individuals

* Pre-marital concerns

* Relationship repair after an affair

* Divorce, separation, and reconciliation counseling

* Grief counseling after death of a beloved spouse or partner

* Sexual abuse, molestation, and trauma (survivors)

* Sexual aversion (anxiety, fear and disgust)

* Sexual orientation confusion and concerns (including gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/questioning coming out issues)

* Vaginismus (involuntary spasming of the vaginal musculature) and Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

* Inability to orgasm (pre-orgasmic for women or delayed ejaculation for men)

* Premature ejaculation (PE), how to last longer (including lasting as long as you want), and how to have multiple orgasms (any man can).

* Erectile difficulties (ED)

* Body image and sexual shame issues

* Dating and social skills coaching

* Sexual shyness, inexperience, and performance anxiety

* Sexual addiction and online sexual addiction

* Sexuality education and re-education

* Contraceptive education

* STD's/STI's and AIDS prevention education

* Loss of sexual desire and libido

* Lacking sexual self confidence or poor sexual self esteem

* Sexuality & medical issues and sexuality & aging issues

* Infertility or pregnancy issues

* Sexual fetishes, including BDSM

* Unwanted sexual fetish issues

* Anger management treatment

* Domestic and sexual violence treatment (survivors or perpetrator)

* Sex offender relapse prevention treatment (perpetrator)


Basically any question or concern having to do with overall
mental/emotional health and wellbeing, sexuality, intimacy, or relationship is appropriate for consultation.

No topics are off limits.

Dr. Michael works with individuals and couples
no matter your gender or sexual orientation.

Whether you are married, living together, or dating;
sexual, asexual, romantic or aromantic;
male, female, intersex;

straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, pansexual, polysexual, or questioning;
newly connecting or together for decades.



Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard is the founder of Aloha Sexual Health & Happiness Worldwide Telephone Counseling, 

and is the author of "A User's Guide to Your Mind:  How to Win in Love & Get Along with Each Other."

Dr. Bouchard also maintains a private practice with an office on the Big Island of Hawaii.

He can be reached at or at 808-965-8800.



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