Testimonials from happy clients

Client Testimonials


The following very kind client appreciation notes were received over the years from happy clients
of Aloha Sexual Health & Happiness, LLC Professional Counseling Services:


Your advice and counsel has helped a great deal, both on the phone and via email, thank you.
T&A, Texas

Thank you for the great phone session with me. I will see you in person next week at your office. Its seems “K” and I are making real progress. I love how we can all still work together by phone whenever I’m called away!
P.P., Big Island

Cheers! By the way, I feel that I’m REALLY getting my money’s worth. Thanks!
A.G., Seattle

Dear Doc Fix It,
Thanks for everything you’ve done for us. Things have never been better!
L&C, Maui

I enjoyed our first session. You are real easy to talk to and very open and I like that. You were also more than generous with your time--I'm so very happy we found you!
N&N, Honolulu
Thank you for listening and helping me to get through a difficult time in my life. There’s still a long road ahead to travel but I know I am getting better each day thanks to your help!
N.T., Idaho
Thank you for your patience, kindness and help. You are incredible. 
C.T., New York City
Thank you again for all your help. You are a special person and we truly appreciate all of your efforts for us. Thanks again for your positive prognosis and with helping us learn how to become better communicators.
M&K, Maui
Thank you for helping us through a most difficult time of our lives. Although our relationship is still fragile, it’s never been stronger or more energized and exciting in the ways that matter. It’s wonderful to be so much in love with my wife of 30 years again!
R&J, Maui
K.K., Las Vegas
Just a note to say I appreciate you and that I recognize and appreciate all the extra minutes you’ve given me.
J.H., Big Island
I’ll call you again soon. Talking with you helped me a lot. I’m feeling much better.
J&S, Michigan

It was so GREAT talking to you last night, as always. In addition to everything else, I appreciate your insight into my sexuality and love the feeling that I am growing as a multi-dimensional woman, instead of being a worker and caretaker only. What a time of expansion! Thanks, my trusty guide.
L.C., Montreal, Canada

I am really glad that I have someone as emotionally comforting as you are in my world. You have really helped me help myself.
B.K., Boston

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
A&A, Iowa
We would like to invite you to our wedding Dr. Michael. It wouldn’t have happened without our having first worked with you!
V&G, San Francisco
Thanks Dr. Michael. It is a major relief to know that I can get this stuff off my chest to an objective person and not have to worry about it going any further. Thank you. I really appreciate your comments. I know if anyone can help us it is you. Thanks again.
T.A., Oregon
I am so much better with dealing with stuff and not going to a reactive place. This is primarily due to working with you by email this week. I will continue to focus on the good and I know we will have a successful trip. Thanks again for the emails. Everything you wrote is so helpful to me. 
C.B., Florida

Thank you. That is all. Thank you deeply so much :) !!!
A.E., Kauai

Thanks again for your email. I have taken your suggestions to heart and will be sure not to get into any friction with him while he is away. Ironically, he has been great today. In fact, he called me so that he could 'run an idea' by me. There is hope after all!
L.L., Maine
Thanks again for everything. “J” really respects you and b/c of you he is now willing to go back to counseling. See you soon!
S.W., Big Island
I cannot thank you enough for all you are doing...with “A” and with me and with “B” and “K”, too. “A” has told me a few times how fantastic he feels after having sessions with you and I know you give him the guidance he craves.
D.A., Los Angeles/Maui
YOU SAVED ME! I know that I SAVED MYSELF as well, but you were the responsible party helping me to do it. And I THANK YOU for that!
B.C., New Hampshire
Thanks again for your teachings and insights. You were beautiful. No judgments and lots of compassion.
C.C., Kauai

Dr. Bouchard, Thank you for your time, your positive energy, and especially your animated compassion for your work! I will always be grateful to you for the personal attention and extra time you freely gave. Mahalo & Aloha!
A.L., Maui
D.P., British Columbia
Just a quick note to let you know I was thinking of you this morning with great appreciation. Your intervention during a crisis in my relationship with “B” helped us turn the corner. Life has been increasingly blessed ever since.
D&B, Oahu
Dr. Bouchard, thank you for all of the counseling and support you have given me over the past year. Your support has meant the world to me. Thanks for your help with everything.
E.A., Chicago
I appreciate all that you have done for us. “L” and I are doing great, we have never been closer. 
G&L, New Mexico
Today is the 6 month anniversary of my mother's death and between that, school and “G”, my trip to insanity would be very short. As always, I so appreciate your time and commitment to us. I know that you care and quite frankly that is really the only major asset I feel I have right now. My mother was always the one to listen to me and you are the only other person I know besides her that doesn't judge me.
L.T., Montana

I cannot tell you how much it means that you care. Without my husband I feel so helpless and I don't know where to turn. Sometimes I feel so alone. Take care of yourself and thanks again for caring about our family.
M.G., Virginia

I am so grateful for your guidance and wisdom. Your sincere support has helped me navigate though conflicts in my marriage and helped us to get as you like to say "more of what we want and less of what we don't" in our relationship. Your nurturing insights, wit and humor many times "lightened things up". Our work together was extremely beneficial for our healing.
M.W., Maui

First of all, thank you for yesterday’s conversation. I don’t feel quite so lost. And as a matter of fact, my heart was lightened up. I truly appreciated your kindness, warmth and care, and your expertise.
D.H., Long Island, New York

I am quickly learning how to rethink my thinking. Thank you so much for your time and energy, and for forgiving me for being interruptive. Thanks so much for doing what you do.
K.T., Kailua-Kona

Dear Dr. Michael, well...pour yourself a glass of wine...B and I got married yesterday in Las Vegas! You did your work...for both of us...and I am so very, very grateful. You played a very important part in our lives and I'm sure it's not over yet. But we have reached certain goals, and have even surpassed some of them. I thank you with love.
A&B, Wailea, Maui

Merci beaucoup, Dr. Bouchard. I appreciate you helping me to stay focused on keeping healthy boundaries and healing in mind, body and spirit. You are very good at what you do.
B.B., Paris
For anyone seeking a counselor who knows what he's doing, Dr. Michael helped me figure out options in my life and in my relationship. He is sincere, a good listener, doesn't take sides or lay his own trip on you. I recommend him for all kinds of counseling needs. He is the real deal and very confidential. My thumbs up for Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard!
R.E., Washington, D.C.

Thank you for being there for me today. It really helped! Looking forward to speaking with you next week. Once again, thank you for all your kindness, Dr. Michael.
C.P., Barcelona

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us on Sunday. I feel so much better and have faith in our future. I love M so much and truly hope we can continue to work things out. I appreciate you working closely with both of us, separately and together. You can't understand how important it was to talk with you...really...I cannot even find the words to truly thank you enough for saving our relationship.
M&M, Malibu
Dear Dr. Michael, you helped me to change my attitude and save my marriage. Put this under your belt as another relationship saved and a job well done.
Your biggest fans =D
F&N, Kula

Dear Dr. Michael,
ou are truly such a blessing in our family. Thank you for all you do. You are the best at it. Nobody does it better! We love you! (I know it is weird to tell our therapist that I love him, but we all do.)   ;-) 
N.L., Pearl Harbor

Hello Dr. Bouchard, 
I want you to know that without your guidance we would never have been able to reunite as a couple. I do believe we now have a firm foundation and have both made changes in ourselves to accommodate each other's needs. I know that we still have issues that hopefully we will be able to work out together, and I believe that we now have the tools to do so, thanks to you. I was always comfortable in discussing issues of every kind with you. Words cannot express our gratitude.

God Bless.
D.D., Vancouver Island, Canada
Thanks for being here on this planet now to help me see the truths. You're a lifesaver!
W.J., Kalapana

Dear Dr. M, I really enjoyed the visit. Anyway, I spoke with R yesterday after seeing you and he didn't say anything until after 20-30 min. he finally asked, "So how was your visit with Dr. Michael?" I said, "Are you curious?" And he said with certainty, "YES".  I told him about my initial embarrassment and the second guessing and then some of the things we talked about and he seemed very entertained and then he said, "I'm going to make an appt. for myself" with a smile. I mentioned nothing of him going to see you until he brought it up per your guidance. Aloha for now. PS You really helped me A LOT!!
S.A., Waimea

I can see that you really do make a difference. I also believe that K and I are going to the right place to get help and ultimately with your help we will get to a better place. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Bouchard. Please take care of yourself. 
V&K, Anchorage, Alaska

Thanks again for the space and the wisdom. Yup, we are doing better, slowly but surely. Better every day! Mahalo.
L&J, Big Island

Mahalo Dr. Birds & Bees for bee-ing our Angelic Collaborator of the Heart! Thanks sooo much for everything. Big hugs and talk to u Wednesday!   : )
D & B, Hanalei Bay

Thank you for your insightful messages. I can tell you are very talented and love what you do.
God bless,
M.S., Beirut, Lebanon

You have done more to help me heal my sexual pain over the past 6 months than the entire lifetime of negative messages I have received and recited to myself; ad nauseum. Your help has gone far beyond sexual matters, by assisting me to successfully address the underlying emotional and relationship dynamics also involved. A million heartfelt thanks, Dr. Bouchard....you are truly one in a million! : )
S.F., Sydney, Australia

I've been providing your counseling practice with web design and hosting services for more than a decade—including posting every one of the testimonials here on this page—before recently becoming one of your clients myself. Now I can personally vouch for your skills as a top notch psychologist and counselor. The results I've obtained from your counseling far exceeded my expectations and went way beyond just solving the problems in my relationship.
J.G., Los Angeles

Dr. M, I really appreciate all your support, care and generosity. You are a very generous man with lots of integrity, and my family and I are incredibly grateful for your guidance during this rocky period of life. Thank you so very much for everything! Take good care. With love,
W.J., New Zealand

Thank you very much for the good connection you created and for being there for me and D. Our work together has given me a new meaning in life (purpose). Thank you for being there and till soon. Aloha and hamba kahle,
L.J., Infanta, South Africa

Thank you for the wonderful things you had to say in your Archive article, “Am I Normal?” about those of us who are LGBT. It was quite interesting to see how you laid out the variety in human sexuality. And thank you for taking such a strong stance on behalf of all of us who've struggled with our homosexuality, for all of us who've been made to feel that straight was the only allowable sexual position to hold.
A.G., Connecticut

Hi again, it's been a while. Hope all is well with you and your family. I'm very glad you are still in business doing what you do. It's a comfort knowing you're always there and ready for anything whenever I find myself in a dicey situation and need your help. I guess I just can't stay out of hot water!
K.M., Lahaina

Once again, thanks for getting us through our crisis. Your help was absolutely invaluable to us.
J.R., Mississippi

When J came out of his session with you today he acted happy and excited and said a number of positive, hopeful things to me. It felt good. Just wanted to share. Good job Dr. M!
L.L., Key West, Florida

I firmly believe God brought you into my life for a reason and I thank you and Him for the guiding hand, kind heart and compassion shown. God bless you and your family.
C.G., Alberta, Canada

Hello, Dr. Michael. It has been a while. As I am celebrating the holiday and reflecting on my life of the past 2-3 years, I think of you and the support and care that you have given me. I am now aware and content with myself, in spite of the on-going challenges in practical life. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you, and wish you and your family my warmest regards and a Happy Holiday Season!
D.H., Manhattan

Dr. Michael, wow!!!!! You have blown me away with your response even with such little information and with hardly any details. You are absolutely correct and to the point. I had to read and re-read your email about three times, hahaha!! This is why you are great at what you do best!!
C.N., Dubai, UAE

We just love you, Dr. Michael!
B & F, Laguna Beach

Michael:  I found your email address because I wanted to contact and compliment you on your well written letters to the editor regarding accepting people and not judging them no matter anyone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.  I’ve read a number of comments on the subject over the past months and years; seldom have I seen the thoughts you conveyed expressed so eloquently.  Thank you.
W.S., Kona

Aloha Dr. Michael,
Happy Thanksgiving!! Just wanted to be in touch and thank you for getting me through a rough spot in my marriage. We are in calmer waters now though there is much more work still to be done. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, it is certainly nice to spend these holidays with family. Thank-you again for helping me.
P.M., Waimea

Thank you so much for your guidance, reassurance & help today. It was confirmation that I'm on the "right road" and doing the most productive things to aid in my children's healing and recovery from all that has occurred. You are so kind - THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts & souls.
L.C., Big Island

Thank you very much for your great response. I read it to M over the phone while she is away on her trip and forwarded it to her, too. I think it was right on the money. She may want to talk with you again when she returns. Thanks so much for always being there for us. I like to think of you like the tube of glue I keep under the sink to patch things together in the event they get broken. Talk to you soon. Thanks again and Semper Fi.
M & M, Honolulu

Mahalo for all your help, Dr. M. All is well. We are OK—it’s never easy—but the playing field is much much smoother. Love to you, and a hui hou!
M.A., Hilo

Hi. I just wanted to thank you again for being the "re-cage button" that sets my inner gyroscope straight. And for helping me reap the many blessings I talked about. Perfect timing for the holidays with family!
:-)   Honolulu

You are truly the best therapist I have ever worked with and for that I am very thankful. With ENORMOUS respect and love,
H.A., Los Angeles

Thank you for your down to earth approach and for all the kindness you've shown me. I've enjoyed working with you so much. May God bless you richly.                                                                                                                          
P.J., Kenai, Alaska

Thank you for your call with N yesterday. She really seemed uplifted following your talk together. After she shared with me her email from you following the session I can certainly see why. You did an amazing job summarizing the discussion, her situation and her options for going forward. We look forward to speaking with you again soon!
N & N, Honolulu

Thank you for your ongoing support in this journey, our work together has been critical to my overall improvements and understanding of everything. 

O.M., Madagascar


Mahalo Doctor for all your support. I'm so glad we found you!
L & J, Puna

Doc, I am certainly grateful for the good work that you have assisted me in doing with my relapse prevention. I know I have come a long way and you have played a crucial part in it. That ball is now firmly in my court.
J.R., Honolulu

You may not remember me. You counseled me back in Hawaii in 2010 when I was on the brink of divorcing my husband. We now live in Oregon having moved here in 2018. I was closing my AOL account and found an email from you checking up on me from back then. I still appreciate your kind counsel and we have now been happily married for 18 years. I learned the importance of forgiving with my heart and not just my words and that really healed my heart. One can say they forgive you but until you really feel it deep in your heart that you have forgiven them, well, it was a breakthrough. There is total transparency in our lives and we love being together. We laugh so much and have joy. I just wanted to reach out and let you know I appreciate you and I was happy to see your website still up and running. Be well and keep saving the sanctity of marriage. Aloha.
B.F., Bend, Oregon

Thanks again for everything. We really feel we made progress and are grateful for your guidance and support in that. Aloha!
J & P, Kauai

Good Day, Sir! I'd like to thank you for all your help and well wishes and most of all the Inspiration you give me constantly and hope it will continue.
D.B., Atlanta, Georgia

I’m so happy to see that you genuinely care about my well being. Just so you know for the future, I love our sessions, and appreciate them and your honesty and would never get offended. I know that whatever happens in our sessions is for my well being, and believe me I can handle it, so don’t ever hold back!  :)
P.M., Malta

Hello Doctor, I started reading some of your writings on your Linked In page and here on your website and I am so impressed with your Road to Becoming a Doctor of Sexology” article. I laughed at the fact that there was actually a founding father by the name of Dr. Horney—really? Yours is quite the list of accolades you have achieved in your life so far. BRAVO Doctor BRAVO!! What a great service you did in the New Orleans French Quarter to help with safer sex practices in the initial surge of the AIDS epidemic. You are a special person. I’m so grateful that I found you on that day searching for a way to regain my sanity after yet a second relationship lost to infidelity. Thank you for your time and for all you do!
F.B., Honolulu

Hey, I'm not a religious person but something put you in our path and you're probably one of the only people I trust to be objective. I like that I can honestly say you call em like you see em!

G.C., Hilo


Aloha! Yes, tomorrow at 8:15am works great for me. Thank you so much for always being the great rotor rooter you are! Talk to you tomorrow.
L.J., Makawao

Thank you so much for helping me get through my divorce! It's been a pleasure working with you and its kinda hard knowing I won't be talking with you now that we've successfully completed our work together. It almost saddens me in a way. :(  I definitely consider you as much a friend as a counselor. Feel free to keep in contact !!! Thank you again for all the knowledge you have passed my way. I'm so glad you went to school and are part of this world. You definitely make this world a better place! Until we see/chat/pass by again, aloha.
M.L., Kona

Hello Dr M. Thank you for all the energy you put into our sessions today. I think we both left with a feeling of optimism. Good job. Thank you, Thank you.
K & K, Sarasota, FL

Aloha Dr. Michael, I read your entire written message to us….B is not here right now….and just wanted to respond back to you. I will pass this on to B to read tonight….when we marry….we would be honored to have your blessings upon our marriage…..truely, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Love, T.  Haiku, Maui

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Letting you know my life is now complete and I’m so happy! I feel so loved by D in my own perfect way. It’s like a full corner turning of yayness! Thanks for all of your continuing help, and for your superstellar cheerleading with us too!  :) 
F & D, Kauai

Dear Dr. Michael, It is always my pleasure to talk to you and we will continue to create chaos just so we can have a chance to learn from all your wisdom. (Just kidding, but it sounds pretty good). I agree with you a 100%..."more of what I want and less of what I don't"...I want more bread and less vegetables...ha ha ha. Oh it gets better!..I don't want to get fat from eating all of the bread. Lol
L & L, Honolulu

Mahalo, Dr. M for your hard work and point blank focus. It is having the desired effect on us both.
F & H, Lahaina



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